blend modes

  1. zendraw

    GMS 2 blend modes

    so we have a regular sprite with color, but we draw it with blend modes to be all white. can blend modes do that or do i need to make a shader?
  2. TheOakNuggins

    Shaders How to create color dodge shader?

    Hello! I'm trying to be efficient with the way I'm making my HUD sprites. I don't want to draw each frame with the shadow, I'd rather use a solid square and move it to fill the health bar area. My idea was to use shaders to achieve the same layer effects as in my editing software (Aseprite and...
  3. Nixxi

    Windows [Resolved] Not sure how to use image alpha channel for transparency.

    Just need some quick help on how to use the alpha channel in an image to function as the opacity mask in the draw event using gpu_set_blendmode_ext()? I haven't tried every combination but I'm either seeing the entire image (as if the alpha channel is all white), or as a translucent blend, or...
  4. Michael Stearns

    GMS 2 Drawing to surface on many objects without reset_surface_target()

    Hey everybody~ I'm trying to do a bit of a strange thing where, explaining briefly, I want to draw a bunch of low res objects on top of a big high res object. It's a single screen game. To accomplish this cleanly, I thought I'd draw all the objects to a surface at low resolution, then in GUI...
  5. KPJ

    GMS 2 Draw set blend mode? (SOLVED)

    I am trying to follow this link: to create a reloading circle, however one of the scripts uses "draw_set_blend_mode", which isn't in GMS2. Does anyone know how to work around this? Thanks!
  6. Hello1423

    GMS 2 [Solved] Inverting Color With Blend Modes Question

    I am trying to invert the colors of an area determined by a sprite. I would think that I should use gpu_set_blendmode_ext(bm_inv_dest_color, bm_zero) and have my sprite be only white, however when I try this it only partially works. Instead of having all of the transparent parts of the sprite...
  7. U

    Blend modes to draw holes in shape

    Hi, I'm trying to draw a circle with a hole in the middle using the draw_circle function and blend modes. Here's what I'd want to have: Here is the code I used, in a draw event : draw_set_alpha(1); draw_set_blend_mode( bm_add ); draw_set_color(c_black); draw_circle(324, 240, 140, 0)...
  8. Narayan Lewandowski

    GML [SOLVED] gml blendmode that only effects hue?

    I don't even know if its possible with blendmodes (tbh I don't really get the gml blendmodes), but I need to basically need to set the hue of everything drawn on screen to a certain color. I though i could put gpu_set_blendmode_ext(something, something); draw_clear(col)...
  9. G

    Shadow Blend Modes

    I am currently trying to add shadows to my game which are drawn using triangle strip primitives from the corners of boxes which cast shadows. This system is working well, however as I want the shadows to be 'see through' I am drawing these as black but with 0.3 alpha, this creates problems where...
  10. Misty

    What blend mode do I use.

    Bottom line is, I got an eye sprite. It's a traditional eye sprite, white eye, black pupil. Thing of it is, I want the image_blend to change the black pupil to a random color. And I want the white to stay the same. I tried draw_set_blend_mode_ext(bm_inv_src_colour,bm_inv_dest_colour) but no...
  11. P

    Clipping masks functionality

    Hey all! Here goes my first post on the new GMC! I need to be able to change the pattern of my character and it would make life so much easier if I could just draw the pattern within the white portion of my sprite instead of creating all sprites with all the patterns. Is there some blend...