blend mode lighting

  1. GonerBits

    SOLVED Is it possible to set the blend mode of a tile layer?

    In my game, I'd like to have an effect where there's a forest and there are gaps in the canopy that lets light fall through the leaves. It would help immensely if I could just create a tile layer that uses the "add" blend mode to light up the floor. Here is an example using a tileset that I...
  2. TheCheeseMaster

    GMS 2 [Solved] Trying to obscure lights in a top-down game (i.e. lights that appear to have depth)

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a top down perspective game that has a day/night cycle. I've got some lights in the game, and am using the blendmode bm_add when drawing them on the night sky surface (night_cycle_surf). After the lights are drawn, the surface is drawn over the player's view and all...
  3. Tails1000

    GMS 2 Top down RPG reflecting the sky at night

    I'm creating a top down RPG and am planning on having water sources such as lakes reflect the sky above. This is easy to achieve during the day, I just make a transparent water tile and change my background to be clouds or something. But it's when day turns to night is where it becomes tricky...
  4. SquiggleyPete

    GMS 2 Lighting with surfaces: can't change color of lights

    I'm setting up a basic lighting system in my game. There are two objects involved; obj_lighting, which creates the surface and handles all the drawing, and obj_light_source, which I place in the room at points where I want there to be a light source. I've put a variable in creation code of the...
  5. M

    blend modes

    Ok guys please bare with me as im kinda slow :( well anyway im creating a generic platformer whilst learning gml and early in the first level you enter a cave .The tileset i created looks pretty cool as i have made the basic tiles darker so that they appear to be indoors my problem is that at...