blank run screen

  1. FrostyCat

    GMS 2.3+ Antivirus users PLEASE READ --- How to fix blank sprites for GMS 2.3 builds

    How to fix blank sprites for GMS 2.3 builds Overview This guide documents the procedures for allowing Igor.exe (the resource compiler) to access sprites on systems with Avast Antivirus or other heuristic ransomware protection software installed. Failing to do this may cause sprites to become...
  2. AustinVW

    GMS 2 Black Screen When Game Starts

    Hello, I was working in the "GML2 30 day demo" for a few days now and decided to get the real version. When I tested the game it now just shows a black screen but I can at least hear my game sounds. I not super far into making the game so I'm only working on the title screen right now. The title...
  3. A

    Only my background color shows when running the game.

    This started today, not sure how it happened, but only my background color will show in any previous and new project I open/start. The image shown is a fresh project where I created a sprite (so visible is on by default), but the object with the sprite attached does not show up in the game...
  4. E

    Mac OSX Blank run screen

    Hi, I’ve been following the tutorial for drag and drop, after getting a little of the way through, the run screen works but after a while the run screen is blank and I can’t do any more with the game. It’s a free version running on a Mac. I have no experience with game making but I want to learn...