1. B

    Windows All sprites are invisible

    Hey everyone, While working on my RTS-game I encountered some issues. I replaces some buildings with new art I made for them. After the art was replaced, when I played the game, all buildings with new art where invisible. - The buildings health still showed up (so the draw event is...
  2. Silversea

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Using a custom shape for a surface "mask". Is it possible?

    Hi all, Is it possible to use draw_set_blend_mode(bm_subtract) to create a non-rectangular mask on a surface? Here is an example of what I'm trying to do. I have a grey surface, and a white surface. The grey surface is the background, and the white surface is on top. I want to cut the white...
  3. D

    3D 3d model texture background black (with shader)?

    Hi, I'm trying to climb a 3D grass on GMS2. I created default some test shader.Texture background is black. Anyone know the solution? I'm using the codes below. shader_set(shader_test); gpu_set_alphatestenable(true);// not work gpu_set_alphatestref(40)// not work d3d_transform_set_identity()...
  4. RobertRamsay

    Asset - Graphics Black Friday Deal, All assets Free on my store!

    Yes, it is only Thursday, but get a head start by downloading these assets for FREE! This promotion will last for 10days, so get them now! Enjoy!
  5. A

    Legacy GM Full Screen... Bug??

    Hello All, today I need help with my game in game maker 1.4... The problem is when I set fullscreen in my game it gives me a blank black screen. If you need a picture of the black screen i can add it just ask please. There is no code for me to add in all there is is me adding fullscreen through...
  6. N

    Black Screen Problem

    Hi guys! I am making a game which reach 150 sprites now and i'm facing an annoying problem. When i launch my game normally only a black screen appear, i can hear the sounds of my game and i know that i can play but i don't see anything. I'm on this problem for 3 days and i found a really...
  7. S

    Android Black Ball: In Space

    I'm happy to introduce our new arcade game. Black Ball: In Space, at the moment the app is only available for android. It's an Arcade game We plan to release on iOS soon...
  8. M

    Windows Sprites gone black

    OK so I have my sprites animated by 9 sub images, I've been working on the project for a while and suddenly after testing the game all the sub images pixels went black, sometimes they show black on the game, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they show black on the Resource Tree and on the Image...
  9. zendraw

    Black screen

    Hi, so recently for some reason ive been getting a black screen after i switch rooms. at first i thought it was the transition code but i narrowd it down to simply room_goto and i get it again. another odd thing is that i dont get when i switch to all rooms, only to some. in one of the rooms i...