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  1. A

    Windows Écran noir (aidez-moi!) Black Screen (help me !)

    Bonjour, depuis quelque jour j'ai créer un nouveau projet comprenant : 1 sprite, 1 objet(gazon qui a aucun code) et une seul room la "room0". Quand je lance mon jeu je n'ai que la couleur choisi du background, les sprites (instances) il ne veulent pas s'afficher j'ai vérifier si l'objet étais...
  2. G

    GM 1.4 issues: Getting black screen

    I had GameMaker Studio 1.4.1804 for a while now but never got to learn it until recently. I was following a YouTube tutorial on a platform game, but when I clicked “Run” in the toolbar, it open the game in another window, but just gives me a black screen. What’s going on?
  3. Big50000

    HTML5 Export Causes Black Browser Screen on iOS

    I've trying to export my project to plenty of platforms using HTML5 module. Many of platforms work just fine (Android Chrome, Linux Chrome/Firefox, Windows Chrome), but on iOS is a different story, after a loading the screen suddenly turns black and I don't know why. (I've uploaded my game to...
  4. Maxzloch

    Windows Black Screen on Launching Game

    I've been trying to get used to GMS 2 after using GMS 1 for a while, and every time I try to test the objects I've made and run the game, all I get is a black screen. I've created the room, applied the sprite to the object, placed the object in the room and layered it accordingly. But no matter...
  5. SheepDog123

    HTML5 Using extensions makes screen turn black?

    // Greeting, ect. Hello all. Recently, I've been trying to create an extension that checks the url that the game is being played on. But, something odd is happening when I try to use the extension. // Main OK. so, when i use the extension, and run it (just by clicking the play button) it...
  6. Garrzilla

    Android / Amazon Fire Game showing black screen and no error messages

    I'm not able to work on my game with this issue, and I really need it fixed. If anyone can give any suggestions it would be much appreciated! This issue randomly started and I tried reverting the recent changes I made to the game to see if I caused it. I've tried rebooting PC, cleaning...
  7. B

    GML Problem with drawing layers in the "Draw End" event

    Hi ! The problem i have is that drawing the application surface or any surface for that matter in the Draw End event results in just a black screen. Everything that is drawn in the Draw GUI event still shows up though. Drawing regular sprites in Draw End works fine too. I just use this...
  8. L

    Android / Amazon Fire Black screen after purchase an item.

    Hello! Anyone have a problem after buy a product in app like this: When I buy an iten, after google validation, the screen goes black, and have a big delay to return to game, like an 5 or more seconds. Thanks.
  9. Carloskhard

    GMS 2 Using shaders vs draw for tinting the whole screen.

    So I've make an effect that makes the whole screen tints red. So far I was doing it by drawing a red rectangle over the whole camera space but my camera in the game rotates a lot and drawing always at the right position and angle is hard. Should I try using shaders for tinting the whole camera...
  10. J

    HTML5 (Many) HTML5 export issues

    Hi there, I just purchased, for the first time, the Game Maker Studio 2 version for HTML5 export and... I'm experiencing so many issues with the export! I'm used to work on Game Maker 8.1 and, in fact, everything works just fine in the Windows preview. When I try to preview (or export) as HTML5...
  11. N

    Black screen when I run my proyect on game maker

    Hi, Im Spanish (so sorry for my bad english) Im new in game maker studio and I have a problem. When I run my proyect I can´t check it because it apears a black screen. Do you know how can I solve it?
  12. W

    Windows Gamemaker studio 2 Black screen showing

    Hey everyone i just downloaded trial version and according to tutorial just drag and drop a sprite and object and then run the game but it is showing only black screen. i am using window 10 and done exactly same things according to tutorial.. Kindly Help me as i want to purchase this sogtware..
  13. Enes

    GMS 2 HELP black screen! (SOLVED)

    Ok community. Today, I have experienced something very peculiar...before I got the error, it stated me that there was not enough memory available and so unable to build 2020×2020(just guess) and then I read some advices and reopened the game. It actually worked but to an extend! Now, the game...
  14. T

    GMS 2 Black Screen when using a Camera object

    Up until now in my project, I've just been using the built-in room Camera and Viewport 0, following my Player object. As I start adding more advanced things like a HUD and dialog boxes, I'd like to have more control over my camera, so I set out to watch a tutorial from Shaun Spalding on how to...
  15. Zeoth

    *FIXED* Screen stays black after launching game

    So I've started working on this game for a school project. Until a little while ago everything was working perfectly, but after I added a full-screen function the screens stays black after launching the game. I only have a single room with a background and a few instances in it. For the...
  16. L

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Issue with Black Screen when Using Viewports

    Hey guys, I'm new to the GMS 2 software and this is the second game I'm prototyping. I've made a room that's 1030x10000, and when I set a viewport with the following settings: running the game causes a black screen to show up. I don't know why it'd be black, as the background I set is gray. To...
  17. F

    HTML5 (Solved) Black screen when using skeleton_animation_get_frame

    Hello, currently I'm try to get a spine animation to play in the html5 target. Everything works fine until I use skeleton_animation_get_frame(0). Once I use this in any way and test the game, the screen is black. Example Code: (In step event) var frame = skeleton_animation_get_frame(0)...
  18. Irishes

    Android / Amazon Fire Blank Screen After Splash Screen

    I have seen two similar threads to this but have not seen an adequate response or solution. I'm trying to develop for Android but cannot get a game to successfully compile. I have followed the steps to set up GM:S to develop for Android and SDK, NDK and JDK are all verified. When ever I compile...
  19. Steve Gal

    Legacy GM Various issues related to Options.ini

    Alright so basically I have two games out on steam and they indeed cost money. I start with this because it is an important factor. My issue is a combination of issues, all can be "fixed" by messing with the options.ini, so the global game settings, but the problem is that A; This is not a...
  20. S

    Drag And Drop Black Screen

    I have downloaded the trial version of Studio 2. I have just started the first part of creating a game using drag and drop functions. When I click run a black screen appears with nothing on it. A box appears that says, " PRESS WIN + G TO OPEN GAME BAR" Any help would be great.