black bars

  1. Mehdi

    Android Scaling For God's Sake!!!

    Hello fellow game makers, I have read through all articles and posts related to proper scaling for different devices so far. But nothing seems to work. I want to disable application surface (or at least disable its drawing) to gain some fps. Also I want to have letterboxing (black bars) around...
  2. One-Armed-T-Rex

    Android Glitch in full screen black bars on Mobile (padding glitch) "SOLVED"

    Can anybody help me to find a solution for a glitch that shows up when running my game on my android device? (phone Oneplus 3). The game has a resolution of 384x256 pixels (ratio 3:2). My phone is set to 1920x1080 pixels (ratio 16:9), so my game has to show black bars at the side, but those...
  3. LunarIceCream

    [SOLVED] Game won't restart

    I was following the Shaun Spalding Platformer tutorial(part 7), and was at the part of having the game draw black bars when it restarted, but it wouldn't work, and this is what happened when I tried. Before Pressing R, theres a 1 in the corner of the screen(debug). After pressing R, the 1 has...
  4. TomatoFantasyStudio

    Sprites out of screen

    Hello! I have black bars in screen it is normal for my monitor. But when I draw sprite of glitches using draw_sprite_ext in DrawGUI event to fill screen and get this. How to fix it?
  5. D

    Android Resolution Problem

    Hi. I'm developing a simple android application using GameMaker Studio 2. My problem right now is that the application couldn't run without a black border at the edge no matter what resolution I run the app. It looks like the image attached. If you noticed, some parts of the keyboard have been...
  6. P

    GMS 2 prevent mouse outside GUI area

    Im not sure if it's just me doing it plain wrong or if there is just no simple way for this problem: example: you have a 16:9 game and want it to run in fullscreen works fine on all 16:9 displays but has black bars on any other aspecr ratio display (when you want to keep aspect ratio and not...
  7. YCCCM7

    GUI Issues with Keep Aspect Ratio

    Using gamemaker studio 1.4.1763 here. Anyways, when one goes to windows > display settings for a game, there are "keep aspect ratio" and "full scale" as options for how certain things should scale. The issue is, when in fullscreen mode, trying to keep aspect ratio (which is key for looking good...
  8. darijs1

    (SOLVED) Resolution issue...4:3 getting streched, i want black bars.

    I would like to make it so 4:3 aspect ratio displays have vertical black bars on top and bottom, while widescreen displays have the full thing. I am extremely frustrated about this, because its confusing and ive been trying to figure this out all day. My own display is 4:3. All of my room...
  9. T

    Windows Need help with desktop scaling

    I have been trying to figure out scaling for desktop and I can't seem to figure it out. I always seem to get black bars. I have looked at pixelated popes videos but again can't figure it out. I am using gamemaker 2 [/CODE] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/SPOILER]
  10. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Graphical artifacts remain on black bars (aspect ratio), no refresh

    G'day all, Graphical artifacts remain on the black bars that pad the game window for maintaining the aspect ratio. This includes debug text or whatever else gets drawn to that area of the screen, such as an nvidia utility overlay. How can this be rectified? Nathan
  11. Pixelated_Pope

    Scaling, Resolution, and Aspect Ratio Management for GMS1 & GMS2

    [GM Version: GM:S v1.4.1757 and GMS2! Target Platform: Desktop / Mobile (And HTML5! ...but you'll need to put a bit more work into it) Download: Example File Google Drive Mirror Summary: A Multi Part tutorial series dealing with handling aspect ratios and pixel art scaling...