1. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 get current key pressed?

    is there a way to get the currently pressed keyboard key by looping through keys? something similar to what this does for the gamepad.. for ( var i = gp_face1; i < gp_axisrv; i++ ) { if ( gamepad_button_check( 0, i ) ) return i; } return false; I don't want to use keyboard_lastkey...
  2. D

    Custom keyboard binding

    In settings i want to make all my in-game buttons, so the player can choose the button he needs and set it to new button. How to make a check what button the player pressed? And how to set this button to all other systems? Sorry for bad english, thanks
  3. F

    Binding - and =

    Is there a way to bind things to - and = next to backspace, instead of just the numpad's vk_add and vk_subtract? thanks in advance.