1. RizbIT

    Google Play Billing Library

    In order to comply with this do just have to update the GooglePlayBillingExtension Or all of the google extensions. If you update them has this issue been addressed on the updated version?
  2. SIG.

    Android Why does the YYG Google Play Licensing extension use the billing permission?

    The YYG Google Play Licensing extension (obtained as part of the YYG Google Play Services extension) uses the permission by default. This permission is accessed through the extension, through the "Extra Platforms," Android flyout window. As far as I can tell from...
  3. Schekhovtsov

    Android [SOLVED] Problem importing purchase price from Google Play

    Hello. The following error periodically occurs: Does anyone know the reason and how to avoid the error?
  4. D

    GMS 2 ANDROID - IAP pop up window and refunds

    Hi guys, I am just trying to implement Google Play Services etc. to my android games, even the Google Play Billing. I figured out it to work thanks to YoYo Games tutorial, I can buy a product and I will get the reward, but every time the game lost internet connection or I start the game without...
  5. maxim

    Android Google Play Billing Issue GPBilling_ConnectToStore()

    At new IAP extension function GPBilling_ConnectToStore() always return gpb_store_connect as "id" in async event even without internet connection. Same as GPBilling_IsStoreConnected() always returns 1. I asked about that while beta test and reported it as a bug few weeks ago. I want to know is it...
  6. kroart

    Asset - Extension Google Play Billing extension

    Hi everyone. I decided to publish another extension that I use in the game I work on. It's a Google Play Billing extension. This extension integrates Google Play Billing library as it seems from its name) For now it has very limited functionality: in only can query purchased items and make a...
  7. T

    GMS 2 IAP not working: RunnerBilling

    IAP is causing some confusion on my end. While everything is set like mentioned in several yoyogames & google tutorials, I still get a message saying: 02-20 09:40:39.978 26226 26226 I yoyo : BILLING: setupInAppBilling 02-20 09:40:39.979 26226 26226 I yoyo : Failed to initialize Google...
  8. abdullah

    Android billing permission setting

    when ı control android'option ı can't see billing permission in the permission. how can ı set billing permission for my project ?? ı can' update my app for android device, please help me! ı dont know english. ı wish underst me :) <uses-permission android:name="" />
  9. G

    Android IAP not working anymore

    EDIT: A solution to this issue is available in the second post, hope it can help others :) --------------------------------------------------- Sorry for the long wall of text but i wanted to specify everything I tried so far. Hello, I'm having issues updating an old game for Halloween, it...
  10. Gwy

    Android How to add BILLING Permission for IAP in GMS2

    I am trying to use In App Purchases (IAP) for Android devices in Game Maker Studio 2. I have read multiple tutorial on how to do this and I have gotten parts of the way through. The hurdle that I can't seem to figure out is how to enable Billing Permission for Android. My Google Play Console is...
  11. L

    Android In App Purchase crash

    When I try to initialize In App Purchases with the function "iap_activate()", my game crashes ("Game X has stopped"). The IDE also logs lots of Java exceptions (please see below). I swear I have read all the available documentation, and I have searched for the same problem without success. Here...
  12. S

    in app billing permission android problem

    Hello everyone i was use an old version of game maker studio where the button to enable in app purchase exist in global game settings - enable iap. then i update to more new version 1.4.1760 and i know that IAP now control by extensions i go and i download google play extension and google...
  13. G

    Android Billing not working

    I used to have In-App Purchases in my app working properly, but since I've updated to GMS 1.4.1760 , they don't work anymore. Instead, I get a message saying: "This version of the app is not configured for billing through Google Play". I checked and there is no sign of "In-App Purchases"...