1. Liam Earles

    Beta Smash Ringtail Cat: The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator (2021) - Teaser Trailer #2 + Beta & Demo Download Links

    Check out our new teaser trailer for Smash Ringtail Cat: The Ultimate Glitch Annihilator! Currently coming in Fall 2021! Music Credits Down Below! Teaser Trailer #2 (Twitter) Game Links Play The BETA on Game Jolt! Play the BETA on! Game Description: Don't Play Around With The...
  2. L

    GMS 2.3+ Beta version available to trial membership?

    I am trying out game maker to see if it is worthwhile to convert my old c++ game to game maker so I have downloaded the trial version of game maker. After some initial frustration getting animation to work due to, what turns out to be, a bug on the image_index code. I found out that the issue...
  3. NewHopeGames

    Team Request Currently looking for playtesters

    Hi! Currently looking for alpha/beta testers for our android games. If anyone is interested, pm me your email and I can put you on the list. All testers are the first to get the new updates and play the games. 🙂 Many thanks in advance!
  4. DaGabeAgenda

    Question - IDE How stable is the latest beta channel?

    Howdy! I'm working on a commercial project and have hit a bit of a roadblock. Nothing too serious but I'm considering updating to the latest beta of GM to use lightweight objects and the animation timeline as they would make it a breeze to work on the features I need done. That being said, I...
  5. Brodie

    Beta There Will Be Ink – Beta 5.0 – Major Update, Roadmap, & Giveaway

    Hey There! I've just released a major update for my game, There Will Be Ink, a difficult, tactical action game for 1-8 players in which stick figure armies battle it out on a lined paper notebook, just like you used to draw in class instead of paying attention! The update includes a new...
  6. Liam Earles

     Smash Ringtail Cat 2 NEEDS FEEDBACK!

    I am currently putting this game as ON HOLD and I'm planning on REBOOTING in the future! If you guys have any constructive criticism for this game, let me know, and I will go back to it soon. Dr. Glitcher is out for revenge, and he has an ultimate weapon codenamed: Binary. Smash Ringtail Cat...
  7. Stanley D. Chatman

    Android WhoDat (Famous/Notable People) - Word Game

    This is a beta version of a casual word trivia game I have been working on for the last 5 years on and off. I'm targeting the Android platform for my first release and have included a link to the beta Android version currently in the Play Store. I'm looking for feedback about the game to help...
  8. harambe1

    Android My OKAYEST decent mobile game (I think)

    Alright guys, so this is Soul Chase: Another World. It has been in development for a year and is almost complete now so I could really use some feedback! There's a free version of this in the Play Store but that one hasnt been updated much since release. This version is much more okayer than...
  9. Rozen Software

    Windows Druid

    We're happy to present our new game Druid. It's a mixture of adventure and action type game where you as a druid seek answers to what exactly happened to the forest and its dwellers. You'll be travelling through forest and places magically connected to it via portals. Collect recipes to brew...
  10. PrismaticRealms

    Beta PRticles: A new particle editor

    Greetings everyone. I am close to completing a new particle editor for GameMaker Studio users. It is easy to use, with dials, switches and buttons to access the various features of particle systems. I am currently looking for beta testers who are willing to try it out and provide feedback...
  11. RefresherTowel

    I made a Discord game: The Garden

    Hey folks, I've just finished making a discord bot that is based off the GMS project I'm working on (Floramancer). It's kind of like a teaser for the proper game. It lets you plant crops and care for them. Once they're fully grown, you can harvest units and then use those units to battle other...
  12. Isyx

    Demo Ike's Axe - Casual Platformer (with some flying levels too!)

    Hello everyone! I would like to show you all one of my projects called Ike's Axe. It's a physics based 2D platformer that I've been playing around with for a while now. I've recently committed a ton of changes to the project and would love to get people playing it and hopefully generate some...
  13. R

     I do not know if it's worth continuing this game, Need advice.

    HIi everyone. i started making this game a year ago just for fun, the idea was to make a platform game that requires thinking to pass the levels, like a puzzle game. I am at a point where I find it a bit boring to keep making it, I need sincere opinions, if someone seems a good idea or can...
  14. R

    Dread Quest Arena - beta version

    Upcoming update announcement Dread Quest Arena Project will be updated in early/mid January. The project will most likely be renamed to fit the new scope. As such you can expect big changes, campaign mode, new worlds to explore, new enemies, skills system rework and mechanics improvements...
  15. Mythi.T

    Windows Beta Release: Avoiduis

    Hello. I have spent the last month tinkering with gamemaker, and after a lot of time, coding, and bug fixing, here is a result: Avoiduis "Dodge, if you can..." Instructions: Use mouse arrow to mouse your player, and use your speed boost every 3 seconds with clicking Right Click Avoiduis is a...
  16. B

     SOS-CC; IOS rpg game w/ rogue-like elements (inspired by Binding of Isaac & Zelda)

    Hello All, I have been nervous posting this here and showing off my game. Mainly for the fact it’s my very first game I have ever attempted and ever made. So the feedback scares me a little. Have to get over that though, as I’m nearing completion. Here are some screenshots. I have some debug...
  17. F

    Is there a way to switch to beta channel of GMS 2?

    Hey guys, Is there a way to switch GMS 2 to beta channel like how GMS 1.x did? Or is there a way to get an early-access version? I need the bug-fixed IDE v2.1.5.308 Runtime v2.2.0.231 and I have a deadline. Thank you in advance!
  18. sv3nxd

    Beta AdoraHop - Tiny Arcade Game

    Hey there! A few days ago I began programming this little title and wanted some opinions and feedback before adding more content into it. The game is heavily inspired by doodle-jump, which I used to play a lot on my mobile back then. The main-goal is reaching as far up as possible without...
  19. F

    Vicious, Fateful Memories [Final game in Made with GM forum]

    [/IMG] I haven't posted on this project since the old site, but it was originally posted as 'project K' a mostly experimental horror game. The game is now nearly complete and I'd really appreciate any feed back in terms of what to tighten up before adding the final boss. In truth this was...
  20. D

    Android Ballzy - Android

    I've made a free clone of the popular game Ballz, but putting my own twist on it with a changed up difficulty curve. This originally just started off as a coding excercise to see if I could make it, but decided to polish it up and release it for free. The game saves high score, and I'd like to...