beta testing

  1. NicoFIDI

     [Beta] Torre Maldita "Cursed tower" First time exposing a game

    This game is the culmination of years of work. The origin of the idea was to make a causal Rogue-Like for my phone. And I think, It's almost done. Yet I never gave a game the finishing touches so I don't know if it's ready. To keep you away from unwanted information I will have all information...
  2. harambe1

    Android My OKAYEST decent mobile game (I think)

    Alright guys, so this is Soul Chase: Another World. It has been in development for a year and is almost complete now so I could really use some feedback! There's a free version of this in the Play Store but that one hasnt been updated much since release. This version is much more okayer than...
  3. Lord KJWilliams

    What should a good beta tester do when they're testing your game?

    I have some questions about beta testing games, and beta testers ... In general, what type of things does a beta tester look for to find faulty programming? Do beta testers use a systematic list of things to check for all purpose testing, or does the beta tester tailor what their going test...
  4. Event Horizons

    Beta The Gestures

    Hi there gamemakers! I am making a game called (at the moment) The Gestures. Its unique arcade game for android and iOS. I am close to beta version (still many place holders/or big wip in graphics, sounds...) so I was hoping that some of you would like to help me test the game and give me some...
  5. Cpaz

    Distribution Platform for releasing a closed beta?

    I'm looking for a platform (ideally a free one, i'd like to hear of others anyway) where I could release a beta for bug testing and feedback. I'd rather not have to deal with platforms like steams early access due to the already existent stigma and high standards people place on it. Also the...
  6. harambe1

    Android Soul Chase [RELEASED]

    Do you guys miss NES and SNES games from the 80's and the 90's? Do you miss actual challenge and the satisfaction of completing a difficult but fun level? Can't bear the nostalgia anymore? Look no further, Soul Chase is here to fix your NES / SNES nostalgia! This is an indie game that was...
  7. M

    BETA testing?

    I was thinking of sending my friend kind of a "Beta" test of my game, but something in license says I can't really transfer the app. Is there a way to send him a copy of a rookie-game, not even done yet? Thanks.
  8. A

     How Long is the Beta?

    Just what the title says really. Within these limitations (those set by the Official post near the top of the forum page) it may be difficult for my team to accomplish necessary goals using this software, within time constraints. Thank you kindly, -RCA, Founder Aeternum Games Studio
  9. J

    Beta Nadia Was Here (RPG) - Looking for beta testers.

    Game name: Nadia Was Here Genre: RPG (Turn based/ real time hybrid) Platforms: PC/ Mac Progress: About 90% finished, now in testing fase. Demo (NOT the beta): (Last udated may 2016, windows only) Website: Twitter...
  10. @

    Beta Milk Away! Cow milking simulator, incremental [Android]

    Hey, I am building my 2nd game with GMS now, 'Milk Away!'. It's an incremental/clicker game about cow milking. Haven't seen any games with cow milking -theme so wanted to give a try. I have just moved it to open beta on Google Play. It's far from ready but the main mechanism and concept is...
  11. C

    Android Sundered Arvena

    I could explain it but it is much better to just post it and see what the thoughts are. Here is the beta for my newest crazy hard game: Sundered Arvena Yes I know about the save and load crash issues, use those save points with care... looking into it and would appreciate any help or comments...
  12. H

     Beta Testing Advice

    I've been working on an application for the past few weeks or so and it's turning into a full blown animation editor for GM:S. It's finally getting close to being pushed into beta and I wanted to get some advice from people who have more experience when having their games or applications tested...
  13. Jezla

    Beta Cave Lander

    Cave Lander Cave Lander is a twist on the classic Lunar Lander game. Guide your lander deep into the bowels of the planet and land on the pad before your fuel runs out. Be careful! Land too rough and the lander will be damaged, leaving you stranded; miss the pad entirely and your fragile...