1. D

    Discussion Best Game Engines?

    Hey guys, what would you say are the other best game engines, obviously Gamemaker is the best! but what other ones are quite good for creating games. I want to try out another engine, I am thinking Unity? Thanks
  2. Misu

    The best meme of the 10's

    Throughout the decade we have encountered so much memes. Some made us laugh, some made us cry, and some made us toxic. In the end, it made our decade and it defined what culture it had. My personal favorites was steamed hams and ultra instinct Shaggy. I dunno why but it got me hooked up for a...
  3. giraffeman210

    Opinion Top 5 Indie Games

    I like making top lists and since a lot of us here are making and playing indie games I thought I would list my top 5 must play indie games I have discovered. I'm sure there are many more great ones than these but if I was to recommend some these would be the five I would recommend first. 5...
  4. Harper

    GMS 2 Best way to save a game?

    I apologize, I see there are other sources on this but my school wifi has blocked nearly everything. Basically, i'm trying to get an understanding of all the methods of saving, but it's so diverse i'm having trouble locking down on everything. Right now I'm using ini saving, but I want to add...
  5. EvanSki

    Portfolio - Programming {closed} Experienced GML Programmer for hire

    Hi my name is Evan. I'm an advanced user of GML having up to 6+ years experience with the language. Feel free to ask me any questions or help on your code. I charge a simple fee for what you want done rather then a per hour rate I charge based on difficulty of the task, EX: save system = 20$...
  6. Mythi.T

    Windows [SOLVED] Ideal Port/Window size

    Im making a game (duh) . I want this game to be enjoyed by the most poeple absolutly possible. However, poeple buy a computer with a different screen size (with a different screen resolution then 1920x1024) and I dont blame them. Heres the question: What is the best window size / set of sizes...
  7. K12gamer

    (2D Games)...That will blow your freakin' mind!

    Post pics or videos of the best 2D games (Old or New)... I'll start Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Video:
  8. S

    Beginners Start Here!

    I see folks new to Gamemaker on the forums looking for some good tutorials to get their game making ambitions off the ground. Now there are a lot of good tutorials out there from the likes of Shaun Spalding, Heartbeast, etc. Some of these are directed at beginners, others are not, but most are...
  9. Misu

    Forum Game The Best Forum Game in the World! - signup[25/156]

    Of many years of forum gaming, no forumer has ever encountered a game so truly amazing than any other. A game where nobody will ever want to quit or ever want to die. A forum game so potential, it requires lots and lots of players to initiate such fantastic journey of awesometasticness. You must...
  10. G

    Easy-to-learn GML Tutorial

    GM Version: GM6 or higher Target Platform: ALL Download: HERE (about 300kb, open using any word program including notepad) Links: original post Summary: Originally created Aug 2005 Staff choice since Feb 2009 Thousands of downloads since release 1,613 downloads recorded, just from 12-23-15...