1. sanghendrix

    Drag And Drop Moving behind and in front of a tree

    Hello guys, I'm new to GameMaker Studio and I'm still learning DnD. I'm trying to make a simple depth system that when I move behind a tree, the tree will be on top of the player and also change its alpha and opposite. But there's a problem, I think it has something to do with the box I circled...
  2. jobjorgos

    GML How to appear a grey shade of the player whenever it walks behind a building or tree

    hello! i was wondering what kind of method i could use to achieve the following: i want that whenever the player walks behind an object such as a building or tree, that still a grey shade of the player appears so you can still see where the player is. an example of a grey shade of the...
  3. M

    setting transparency when walking behind object

    I want my tree sprite to turn transparent when the player walks behind it, but with place_meeting it checks for the collision area, not for the actual sprite area... if place_meeting(x,y,character){ image_alpha = 0.5; }else{ image_alpha = 1; } so right now it only turns the tree transparent...