1. hughrock18

    SOLVED Layers Behavior Question

    I have been in an all-out war against the layer system of gms2! Not the system's fault mind you. I love how the new system is supposed to work, but I must be missing some bits of info. For the longest time, I would use "layer_create", fill out the layer with objects, and then (at the Room End...
  2. H

    Legacy GM How to make the Peahat enemy from The Legend of Zelda

    Hello! I am trying to remake the Peahat enemies from The Legend of Zelda in Game Maker: Studio. However, I am having trouble mimicking their movement. They go about at random and sometimes move towards Link until they hit him or they miss hitting him, and they go back to just moving around at...
  3. C

    [Solved] Calculating Velocity

    Hello, I'm having trouble setting up the pursuit steering behavior to fit my situation. I need to know my players velocity and the player is controlled via arrow keys and I'm not sure how to calculate the player's velocity since I'm not using a steering behavior to propel it in any way. I tried...