1. J


    Does anyone know a good physics tutorial that I can follow, I use gm2? thank you in advance
  2. J


    I need help, does anyone know a good knockback script for GM2?
  3. matharoo

    GameMaker/GML Tips

    Hey! I'm creating this thread for posting tips, tricks and random knowledge that may help GameMaker users. Users can look here and read the posts by our amazing members and learn awesome stuff! I also have a page like this on my website, which targets beginners: Link...
  4. S

    Making object move when mouse hovers over it

    Hey guys! I'm quite a beginner at programming so I'm kind of a noob with all this Orz. Basically, I'm working on a point and click style game and I want to create this effect that makes an object jiggle (rotate left then right slightly) when the mouse hovers over it, does anyone know what the...
  5. K

    For each or Do Until?

    Hi there. In my game, I want there to be a mechanic in which the player can absorb x amount of objects and then fire them off (something a la Kirby but not quite), but once the fired object collides with a wall, I want to create the same number of moving instances as there were objects absorbed...
  6. N

    Beginner Problem on Shaders

    Hey all ! I'm quite new about using shaders and i know that my problem is really simple but i can't find how to use my shader... I think that tere is something i didn't understand. Here is my shader: I can apply it to the application_surface: And it gives me that: But when i...
  7. H

    Beginner questions (moving objects towards other objects)

    Hi all, I'm trying to learn gamemaker and make some very simple first games using various different tutorials. I'm trying to make a very simple game around the theme of evolution where objects meet & create offspring (or eat each other). At the moment I have two different 'creatures'...
  8. W

    Counter problem

    Hi guys ! I've got a problem, I use Game maker v1.2.1130 (r27319) and I've created a little game like asteroids (A ship is controlled by the player and his goal is to destroy every asteroids with bullets). I added a counter for the bullets, at first it's value is 100 and it decreases by 1...
  9. J

    Grid and Pathing Question

    In what way can i get my Pathfinding to just create 1 path then check for changes in the room like enemys or other players spawning and only changing the path if there is a obstruction. right now as the code is it constantly recalulates the path. Its really annoying cuz the animations spaz out...
  10. D

    I'm a beginner at programming, so how do I make enemies react to certain sprites (player attack spr)

    I'm a beginner at programming, so how do I make enemies react to certain sprites? (player attack sprites) Enemies react to the regular non-attacking character obj/sprite but I only want them to react to the attack sprites. Please help me by telling me the necessary and explaining what each...
  11. P

    Legacy GM Very basic help with loops

    So I'm brand new to programming and even newer to GML language. I'm making a game in which the player dodges traffic as the player speeds down a 4 lane highway in a small car. I have a step event that is supposed to check if a vehicle has passed the bottom of the room (being a y value of 800)...
  12. Lemth

    3D draw_sprite_pos or 3D for a single Rubiks Cube?

    Hello, I'm making a Rubiks Cube solver. I now want to visualize the Cube itself and require the following: A single Cube (consisting of 3x3x3 smaller cubes or 3x3x3x6 smaller planes) The Cube cannot translate and is fixed in front of the camera. The Cube can only rotate around it's center (in...
  13. S

    GML Particle facing changes mid-motion?

    Hello! I've set up a particle system for bullet trails. Every time I click the mouse, a bullet is created which moves towards the mouse. Particles shaped like white lines are created at the bullet object per step, creating a nice trail effect. The problem is that I have set the particle...
  14. N

    Stupid Background Question

    I may be posting dumb questions a lot. How does one throw up a background in a room with the add_background function? I have tried the following ways: background_index[0] = background_add(working_directory+"\filename.png",0,0,1); ----- BG =...
  15. K

    Programming a game similar to Bioshock hacking

    Hello all, so I'm trying to figure out how to go about programming a puzzle game similar to Bioshock's hacking minigame. Here's a video of what it looks like: also a screenshot:
  16. C

    [Beginner] How do I find the value of a variable?

    I don't know how to actually check if a code is causing a value to go strange. For instance, I'm getting an error I shouldn't be getting when following PixelatedPope's Resolution-Aspect Ratio tutorial and can't test if one line or another is changing the value before it gets to the end. In...
  17. H

    Legacy GM please help with game

    hi im making a game for my class project however im having trouble with a certain aspect of my game. the game im making is similair to this i want to make patterns of explosions so that the player can get through the level but i dont know how i would go about this. i have tried to use time...
  18. 2

    What are the challenges of being a game designer?

    I'm somewhat new to game designing in general, and i have a few questions that i'm hoping i can get a response to. I started game maker studio not too long ago and it works great but i do run across the same problems every time. So these are a couple of things i need help with. 1. What the...
  19. S

    Respawning Powerups

    I'm new to game maker. I was following along with the Shaun Spalding platformer tutorial and did everything hid did and it turned out alright. I made a two test levels, had someone playtest them, and decided that to stupid-proof my game I need to make powerups re-spawn about 2 seconds after the...
  20. B

    Game Jam (beginner/intermediate)

    Hi everyone, So... for myself I was thinking of joining a game jam and ofcourse I saw the big official "game jam" forum at the top of all forums. But after thinking if I should join or not I realised that I wouldn't even have a change to win. Not that I have to win, but there are lots and lots...