1. Kingdom Of Key

    GMS 2.3+ Sprite Animation Don't Move

    My Animation Sprite Don't Move , I Looked At The Mask Collisions And Origin ,Still Doesn't Work script_execute(get_input) //Move yx = (key_up - key_down) xy = (key_left - key_right) //Speed if (xy == 0) and (yx == 0 ) { len =0; } else { len = spd } //Direction var dir =...
  2. vespi

    I'm a beginner and I need help

    Hello, I want to learn GameMaker properly. I know all the basics (how to make sprites, objects, rooms, the meaning of every option...), but I don't know which things I should focus on. I have two main questions: -Which events, actions and options are actually helpful? Which things should I...
  3. V

    Windows FATAL ERROR on shooting bullets

    i am very new to programming and so i am following a tutorial to learn the beginnings. but now i made a gun and a bullet, this bullet contains 2 frames. but when i am in the game and i shoot the game crashes and the Memory usage skyrockets to over 3GB while my game freezes. after that i get...
  4. I

    GMS 2 Lever that stays activated until switched otherwise

    Hello, me again. Im woking oin that same projecta dn was wondering if anyone could helpe me with a lever that stays flipped when switched (and vice versa). I need one where its like fireboy and water girl, wher you can walk into it and it stays.
  5. F

    GML Generating Level "Chunks"?

    Hi all! I'm relatively new to working with GMS2 and am running into an issue figuring out how to code a project I'm working on for my game design course. I'm working on an endless runner 2D platformer game, and want to have a setup where a randomly chosen pre-designed "chunk" of level all...
  6. Wicked

    GML Help with Brick Breaker collisions

    I am pretty new to GML and Game Maker in general, and have been following the tutorials to learn up on it, however I am having issues with the collision of the ball and the brick. The ball will only go in the opposite direction of the original bounce (like 95% of the time) even though I changed...
  7. A

    GMS 2 Depth in GM:S2

    So I am trying to learn how to make an RPG, using Game Maker 2 on my Macbook. I'm following HeartBeasts tutorials, and so far everything is working out great. Except with depth of the player object, relative to an enemy object. For some reason I just can not get it to work correctly. The effect...
  8. matharoo

    Drag And Drop Making Your First Game: 9 Free Tutorials [Drag & Drop]

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2 Target Platform: All Download: N/A Links: Summary These 9 free tutorials introduce you to GameMaker Studio 2, its interface, workflow and Drag & Drop. They're part of my 2.5-hour course on Udemy. Tutorials Introduction to GMS2...
  9. CanOPringles

    Anyone willing to teach a complete n00b in 1.4.?

    I happen to be inspired by Dr.m64's work on AM2R, and while i have tried my hand in coding in GM about a year ago, i followed an outdated tutorial, (HeartBeasts tutorial) ran into in error, didn't get a response from anyone in the comments, and lost interest for a while. Well, i want to learn...
  10. Milkboy

    Idea Creating NES-era point-and-click games

    Hi gang, I'm a game-making beginner from London who's recently found Game Maker Studio2 and really excited about its possibilities! I want to make a very simple point and click adventure game that looks and feels like a classic NES-era title in the vein of Uninvited or Shadowgate, albeit with...
  11. S

    newbie here

    Guys where should I start? I'm using gml 8.0 (I'm a student btw)
  12. K

    Variable doesn't let itself update from multiple different objects

    Hello! I have a problem with my Project I can't really explain it here's a video: All Variable are globalvar's I am a beginner so sorry if this is a easy problem
  13. J


    Hey everyone, This sh*t is driving me insane and idk why its happening. It an instances create event it is if (global.hasgun) { target = rLvTwo; } else { target = rEnding; } but when hasgun == true it sends me to rEnding and gives me an error saying and here is my oEnding create event...
  14. K


    For the entirety of the time I've been working on my current project, I have been having some issues the gravity, and slope collisions. The gravity of the game works fine as long as vertical speed has been increased beforehand, for example if the player jumps. If the player walks off the side of...
  15. A

    Question - IDE GameMaker requires me to "Update Profile"... will not start though everything is updated help

    Whenever i start up GameMaker it greets me with a login and after that it tells me i need to update my profile to continue. I dont know whats wrong because i have everything updated on yoyogames including my name, email etc. Regardless of how many times i update it it still tells me to update. I...
  16. mizzy

    GML var question

    Hello Happy Game Makers, I have a very noob question for you (was unable to find on my own): When I declare a variable.. do I have to write var before it? ex: var thingy = 0; or can i just write: thingy = 0; as far as I can tell they do the same thing, but I am very early on in my project...
  17. axialgentleman

    Newbie question: Best way to store state for off-screen objects

    I'm new to GameMaker and very excited! For my first little project, I'm creating a classic first-person escape-the-room game. The room has four "walls" -- four separate screens that the player can switch back and forth between at will, manipulating objects and solving puzzles. I'm trying to get...
  18. I

    alarm and score

    I'm working on a game for a schoolproject and I need to make an alarm. This alarm has to work in different rooms, but it has to be the same countdown alarm. When the alarm ends, the game needs to stop. The score has to be a global score which we can display in different rooms. After the game...
  19. G

    GML Basic Coding Help

    I keep getting these rectangles in my text and I have no idea how to eliminate them. Please help Thank you in advance
  20. M

    GML Space Rocks Tutorial

    Sorry if this was mentioned, I did some searches but was unsuccessful I was running through the GML version of the tutorial for space rocks and run into a problem with splitting the rocks when you shoot them. The code provided in video and tutorial window results in an error. I know it happens...