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beginner question

  1. G

    GMS 2.3+ How to code a sprint mechanic (similar to Mother 3) with 8 way movement?

    I'd like to start off by saying that I am very very new to coding and making games, and I'm trying very hard to learn the basics of making an RPG (heavily inspired by the Mother 3 mechanics). At the moment I'm trying to create a sprinting mechanic, just a simple "if you hold down shift you will...
  2. B

    I want to check if two objects are colliding, and then in another object entirely, run code contingent on the collision status of the first two

    As above, I would like two different animations to take place within my Player object (obj_player) contingent on the collision status of two other objects. First animation is a sprite indicating success Second animation is a sprite indicating failure When the player presses ENTER The second...
  3. sonnyjune

    Development General Questions Concerning Using Vectors

    I am new to this community and these forums, so please redirect me if I am going about posting incorrectly! I recently began developing my game (wrote the plot a while back), and just wanted to see if anybody has experience using vector artwork for most of their game. I have gone about hand...
  4. RoloIrrompible

    Windows Black Screen on Space Rocks DnD tutorial :( [SOLVED]

    Hi! yesterday I bought GameMaker Studio 2 via Steam (I already linked the account with YoYo Games) and started doing the Space Rocks DnD tutorials (I'm in the second video now). When I get to the part about using the RUN command for the first time, I get a black screen and can't see the ship...
  5. Coffeli

    Need help for spawning bullets in specific locations!

    (Keep in mind i am very very new to gml and coding) So im trying to make a bullet hell but dulled down, very simple few bullets on screen. But im having alot of trouble using the create_instance_layer, it doesnt show up for me I even tried adding a draw event to draw self incase that messed up...
  6. S

    SOLVED Hi, beginner here. I have not been able to successfully code my bullet laser i have made to shoot from my ship. Please help?

    I have now been using Game Maker and learning to code in GML for 3 days. Someone else on here helped me with something before so I am hoping someone can help with this. I have tried to code a laser bullet to shoot from my ship, but when I press the space bar that I have assigned to shoot the...
  7. S

    SOLVED Can't move 2d ship object, want to move it horizontally and vertically

    Hello everybody. I'm a beginner to GameMaker 2 and GML. I've been using the engine for only 2 days so far. I've encountered a problem with my code. My project is a 2D top-down space shooter. I've been following 3 different YouTube tutorials on making a movable spaceship. One tutorial I watched...
  8. Claspo Jones

    GML Grabbing Variable Values From Object IDs In DS Lists

    I'm trying to set up a system where once a teleporter object (obj_teleporter) collides with the player, it looks through a DS list "global.tele_list" which stores the ids of any teleport stops (obj_teleportstop) in the current room, then when it finds one with a matching tele_id value (ex: both...
  9. luuckyyu

    Any good starting tutorials for beginners?

    Hello!! I'm a fresh, brand new egg to the GameMaker community and the software itself. This may be a long-winded introduction but I hope you'll bear with me haha. I've had a game idea in my head for a good few years now that I've been putting off because I have zero experience in coding (though...
  10. B

    Windows Debugging not showing anything

    Hi guys, Very new user to any sort of coding here (10days old o_O), I am having trouble using the debugging mode in the sense that graphs are showing zero output at all times when I have games running. Is that possible even possible for the most basic of games? My laptop certainly gets hot, so...
  11. vespi

    I'm a beginner and I need help

    Hello, I want to learn GameMaker properly. I know all the basics (how to make sprites, objects, rooms, the meaning of every option...), but I don't know which things I should focus on. I have two main questions: -Which events, actions and options are actually helpful? Which things should I...
  12. S

    Having trouble with making character shoot a bullet lower when crouching.

    I essentially have my character's movement down, but I am having trouble figuring out how to make it so that when the player holds down and crouches the bullet lowers accordingly to the player's shorter height. I am also confused as to make it so that the bullet comes from the tip of the...
  13. I

    GMS 2 Pushable blocks

    Im as beginner in coding, well at least in game maker 2. I need some help with coding for a remake of a game, that game is fire boy and water girl, i need the code for pushable blocks. Like a block the player runs into and can move to where they need it
  14. Tyler Ryals

    GML Fixed FPS Camera issue

    In my player object I have a camera example I followed in this tutorial, but it arch's just right for the camera to be more "first person" like. While this is fine in most cases, I really want to get my Camera to remain inside a fixed set of boundaries (like stopping on walls and such so there's...
  15. M

    Windows Unable to Run any File and Demo

    I downloaded GameMaker Studio 2 and tried to run some demo. But there is a compiling error says, "Error : Missing or corrupt GameMaker build tools - 0x4F030002" I have done my best to gather all the information to solve the problem but failed. I saw many people post this problem and they...
  16. N

    GMS 2 Command for viewing calulations in debug

    Howdy! I'm currently working on some RPG elements and I'm struggling to figure out a solution for smooth damage progression. One of these hitches is that I currently do not have a visual representation of the damage the player character is dealing, outside of the enemy HP bar. So the question I...
  17. Yorollimor

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Menu controls stop working after choosing a menu option

    Hey everyone! I've been following the marvelous tutorials of "Friendly Cosmonaut" and am now working on a menu system. My problem now is that, after comparing the code over and over again, changing variables, I don't know anymore. The controls work perfectly in the main menu, I can go up...
  18. Joky

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] I'm kinda new and i'm not sure what to do here.

    I might sound pretty stupid asking this so sorry about that. But I'm trying to do this: Player obj walks to vault obj and presses z and it changes (escapedoorlocked = true) - (escapedoorlocked = false) But it doesn't work for me. So can someone help me? I'll post code if needed.
  19. T

    Brand New to GM!

    Hi! So I'm not sure where this is supposed to go, but this feels right I'm switching from rpg maker to game maker and have a few questions. In rpg maker there's a method of mapping where you basically make the map in Photoshop, import the image into the editor and make a clear/transparent tile...
  20. Dave-E

    New user - problem with Space Rocks DnD tutorial Part 3

    I'm just getting started with Gamemaker 2, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm stuck at the end of Part 3 of the tutorial ( ) I'm not getting the correct asteroids to create when a bullet hits them. When a bullet hits a large asteroid I get a 2 new ones, but of any size: large...