1. RizbIT

    Android [Free][Music] BeatDrops Beat Maker App

    Available on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Windows. BeatDrops is a free music creation app with hundreds of samples where you can create fun new original beats, loops, ringtones and songs by dragging samples onto a sequencer. Features: Save and Share your beats / projects to the world...
  2. jana

    Portfolio - Audio Music loops, ambient, beat

    Hi, my name's Jana, I'm on a constant quest to offer high quality sounds and music to my fellow gamers. I've posted quite a few tracks on my website, which will give you an idea of some of the sounds I can create for your project. Here are a couple of samples: Sample 1 Sample 2 If you need...
  3. N

    HTML5 Beatbox Sausages

    Hey GM community! Ok so, I was in Berlin some weeks ago and got this stupid idea of making a game / rhythm box about sausages beatboxing. Well, today it's real! It's free, and play in browser! >> PLAY BEATBOX SAUSAGES << GO PLAY IT! And if you like it, GO SHARE IT! Or drop a comment, you...