beat 'em up

  1. D

    I need a little help please

    Ok I'm making a game. I'm stuck on how to do the combo system. I have attack, attack_2, and attack_3. Everything is in an array. So for example in the idle state script I have function player_idle_state(){ //get input get_input() //calculate movement calc_movement() //check state if hsp != 0...
  2. Bukmand

    Free Soul Stealer - Online Fighting Beat'em Up Arena

    Features: Online Multiplayer from 1v1 to 4v4 500 Mission to finish. 100+ Quest to complete. 28 Characters to unlock. Smooth mechanics. Arcade mode. Workshop mode [Choose a character and choose from 5 spells from all characters] 5 Spells for each character. Online Leaderboard Gameplay Video...
  3. 2Bad Games

    Windows BRUTAL RAGE - 2D Beat them up - Demo available - XboxOne / Ps4 / Switch / PC

    Hello everybody I'm Tony from 2BAD GAMES, I'm working on my new game BRUTAL RAGE so I would like to show you the game if you have any feedback, questions do not hesitate ! Demo is available on Gamejolt, Indiedb & itchio ! :D DEMO LINKS Gamejolt link InideDB link link GAMEPLAY BRUTAL...
  4. S

    Alpha Vandeity - Hack n Slash

    Name: Vandeity Genre: Action-Adventure, Hack n Slash Platform: Windows Current State: Alpha To translate a certain 3D series into 2D is the objective. Developer Notes This is my first large scale game and I don't consider myself a programmer, I've just used Game Maker since I was in my...
  5. Bukmand

    Windows Soul Steal - Beat em up arcade game

    Soul Steal is beat em up game, each character has 5 abilities to use that has cooldown. Each match is short as 3 minutes. Features: - 5 Abilities for each character. - Perfect gameplay mechanics. - 1v1 or 2v2 or unbalanced. - Achievements. - Bug free. Controls: Moving: WASD Attacking...
  6. S

    Specific frame input reading

    Hi, I am a bit of a newbie, I am creating a beat`Em Up game with the GMS2 and a mechanic I would like to implement is that if the player presses an attack button (or combination of attack buttons) in just the right frame, the player would do more damage and enable stronger combos... how would I...
  7. SkullFantasyFortress!

    Windows Beat em up stack frame error

    So, I've been following a tutorial on how to build a basic beat em up game. I am currently stuck at the steps regarding attacking and movement, where I always receive this message upon testing. ___________________________________________...
  8. Krenzathal77

    Windows Double Dragon: Legacy (Fan made beat 'em up sequel)

    Hey folks, just thought it was time to share this project I've been working on. It's a fan made sequel to the Double Dragon series of arcade beat 'em up games and set 30 years later in modern times but keeping the retro aesthetic. As a huge beat 'em up fan myself, it came about after playing...
  9. Edwin

    Legacy GM Way to make beat 'em up game?

    I wanna make game like Battletoads, Castle Crashers but I don't really know how to make this like fighting, beat 'em all or brawler game, doesn't matter.
  10. T

    GMS 2 Fake 3d Collision in Beat 'Em Up

    In the beat 'em up I'm making, I have a variable (z) that I use to give the illusion of things rising up off of the ground ( This should give you the idea: ). The problem I've encountered is in trying to add basic collisions on this axis. What I...
  11. K

    Collide with object a certain distance.

    Good day and Excuse me for my English. I would like you to help me with a problem I have when colliding with a certain object. I have a parent object that is par_wall that has as children the object obj_wall. data: -obj_player: dimensions = 32 x 64 px, origin = 16 x 63, botton center, collision...
  12. adriannn1992

     Little Knights

    Little Knights beat em up if fantasy world based on XVII century western europe. Game is inspired by games like Little Fighters 2 and Double Dragon. Choose one of four characters with different combo and defeat waves of enemie soldiers, monsters and various bosses! Planned premiere: Spring...
  13. P

    Alpha Shattered Realms

    Shattered Realms is a Combo Sandbox 2D Side Scrolling Beat 'em Up with Fighting Game Mechanics. You can download a very, very early build of Shattered Realms on However we are currently going through a major upgrade of all the graphics and combat mechanics. The project started out as...
  14. zerolegends

    Team Request Looking for 2D Sprite artist for Platformer game.

    Hello! i am currently seeking Individuals who are experienced in Pixel art. I am a programmer and i have roughly 7 years of GML experience and a few other languages like C++ and C#. Most of my work have been sort of Fan projects to rack up experience with my latest being this. Currently i am...
  15. M

    Legacy GM How can I either conditionally ignore collision event or manually code collision event with bounce?

    Hello guys! I have a question regarding collisions, so for my game, I have two objects relevant to this issue: obj_bound: invisible bound restricting where player can go. obj_ground: ground obj, player can only walk on obj_ground. So originally for obj_player, I have a collision event with...
  16. A

    Demo Alexander Julian

    Plot: A crime syndicate called the “Riders” has invaded Central Iowa! Thousands of teenagers rise to the opportunity to defy morals and standards join them. PCM High School’s greatest warrior and activist, Sage Edwards, took it upon herself to confront this new threat. Weeks pass and PCM High is...