1. nacho_chicken

    Game Mechanics Crafting more interesting skill/spell systems in turn-based RPGs

    I've shared similar thoughts in various topics here, but I thought I'd create a singular topic to share some of the thoughts (i.e hot takes) I have on most RPGs' skillsets and how they can be improved, as well as foster conversation about it and create a repository of ideas for anyone wanting to...

    Legacy GM need some help with collision

    hey yall, needed some help with a little issue I'm having, I wanted it so that when the player punches an NPC it will start a fight against them, however, when I do nothing appears to happen. This is the code that I have below and I was wondering what I did wrong. any help is appreciated...
  3. Misu

    Forum Game I think it is a boss battle... maybe?

    There is an object placed in the middle of a blank room. You dont know what it is. The only thing you could tell was that it doesnt move, has a long metal piece sticking out of a rubber material that almost looks like a strange shoe and a tin can over the metal object. Its presence triggers you...
  4. NewHopeGames

    Android D-Day Gunner FREE (50k+ downloads)

    Hi everyone, this game is by no means new but it's been extensively updated the past few years. It caused a lot of controversy off and on through the years because many did not like the fact that it was Germans vs Allies and the player is on the German side. It's a game about defending your...
  5. Bukmand

    Windows Chaos fight Battle Arena - Beat 'em up duels (Open source)

    Chaos fight Battle Arena is a fighting game, when you play for the first time you get one character, later you can purchase up to 10 characters, you can play this game in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or even unbalanced fights, the victory depends on the hero and on the gameplay, some heroes counter each...
  6. D

    Help with enemies's position

    How can I make the cursor jump to the next enemy checking if the next enemy its alive or not? I saw a stream where the guy used ds_list to do that I want, but doesnt explain how this works :/
  7. T

    GMS 2 (SOLVED) Help with game freezing in RPG after battle?

    Hello, I am making an RPG similar to the Mother series, and have run into a pretty big issue that I can't seem to figure out. The game is isometric-overworld-based, and when an enemy in the overworld is run-into, you switch to a battle room resembling Mother, Dragonquest, etc. After winning the...
  8. I

    iOS Land Crashers

    THE STORY Welcome to Greenhill Grange! Farmer Henry Harvest needs your help like never before. Terrible creatures have invaded Henry's farm and are stealing his gold. Protect the farm and save Henry's gold from greedy aliens, hungry zombies, bloody vampires, savage werewolves, green ogres and...
  9. Rikifive

    Legacy GM Temporarily changing rooms?

    It's pretty confusing to explain, but for example let's take turn based RPG's. You move around on the map and then you're transferred to the battle screen, while still keeping all the positions and stuff from the previous map-screen, to continue after victory. Now how should I approach that...
  10. A

    iOS Battle Rounds - BETA TESTERS NEEDED

    BATTLE ROUNDS Choose your champion and fight your way through wave upon wave of orcs in this "Castle Crashers" / "Nazi Zombies play style game. Choose your starting champion (each champion has different stats, graphics, and a different "Ultimate" ability) Fight endless waves of trolls and...
  11. E

     EarthGun - A Pvp Battle Royale Game

    Howdy yall, I been working on this game for the past two weeks and things are still pretty rough but progress is still going. To sum up the game as fast as possible it's going to be a open world pvp game inspired by Fortnite and such where you will get weapons like guns, swords, lasers, and...
  12. Shawn Basnett

    Forum Game Wizard Battle: Desecration [ENDED]

    Reposted from @Aura Let's start this back up ;) Welcome to Wizard Battle. You play as a wizard who can do anything. Literally. Let yourself soar through the skies, bring someone back down to terra-firma, painfully. Give a wizard a present. Turn the said present into a bomb. I'm sure you get...
  13. 2

    RPG Where battles are significant. (no grinding!?)

    So I was thinking, what if there were an rpg where there was no grinding. Kind of like in tv shows, animes, or whatever. People don't just go out and beat up wolves to get better, they become better through fights in the story. So what if an action rpg game didn't have areas where you go to...
  14. Roa

    Battle stations!

    All men on deck- post'm! I just got this new desk my father made and so I wanted to show off my setup. I know it may seem like I'm a spoiled rich kid, but honestly I'm super poor lol Most of this is hand me downs or collected over many many years, one peice at a time.