1. G

    Android Android TV Submission rejected for lacking Banner

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone has sucessfully submitted for android tv with GM I have recently submitted my game and it was rejected for not having a banner (even though I have included it in the images preference). I also checked the apk to confirm that it was included in the...
  2. G

    Android Question about AdMob and GooglePlayServicesExtension

    Hello, I followed the new tutorial here: but it isn't working for me. I don't need the interstitial, cause that is covered with AdColony, but I'd like to switch to less aggressive advertising with banners...
  3. D

    Admob programming

    Hello Forum, I use Admob I have a question, I try to do Ad in my App I want a Ad Banner After a die from my Charakter: Charakter die than come room "Craft" in room Craft I want a Banner - than close I the Banner and Play . Than die again and Banner.. Can Anyone help me? I dont understand...
  4. G

    New game banner exchange -

    Hi everyone just wanted to let you know about a banner exchange program for game sites - 1000 free impressions for publishers or advertiser accounts too! Get some traffic from the exchange or participate in traffic exchange to get your game/site additional exposure!
  5. silengames

    Asset - Extension Heyzap Mediation Ads Extension (UnityAds, Chartboost, Adcolony, Applovin, Vungle, Admob, Tapjoy etc)

    BAD NEWS! As far as you know HeyZap become part of Fyber. And seems Fyber stopped to support HeyZap. I can not find any official message, but I found this note in FAQ: "Please note that HeyZap is no longer receiving updates" Anyway SDK is still worked. Thanks for supporting this extension. We...
  6. J

    Legacy GM Banner Location

    I'm an idiot, how do I make it so my banner by AdMob is centered at the bottom of the screen no matter what the display size is..?
  7. ShubhamBansod

    Android AdMob Banner not Showing

    Hey , AdMob doesn't work properly on my Game, It shows Interstitial Ads Properly and Banner Ads Doesn't Shows Up. Test Ads For banner Works Perfectly, but doesn't show up when i am not testing ads. I think problem is from the Old AdMob SDK !! When Will YOYO Update that? Thanks