1. EvanSki

    Evan's Project AutoBackup For those who don't use source control

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this topic but, Moved to the correct spot, Thanks Chance! I made a tool for window users to automatically backup there project directory in case of any accident resulting in data loss. This only works on windows as it is a batch file command. HOW IT...
  2. Kentae

    Question - IDE Saving backups to another place

    Hi. I wanted to make it so that whenever I save my project, it would be saved to it's original project folder as well as a backup folder on my external harddrive. Since I've put quite a lot of time and effort into my project(s), I figured it'd be really good to have a backup system in place. In...
  3. Michael McMullen

    GMS 2 Working with Git and backups

    GM Version: Gamemaker Studio 1, 2 Target Platform: N/A Downloads: Github Desktop: (free) Links All Free: Github (, Gitlab (, Bitbucket ( Summary: What would you do if...
  4. William Dubois

    Game maker studio fatal glitch please help

    I was making a game for 5 hours today and, of course, my game maker studio gets a heart attack only because I add a sprite. I add a sprite = (out of memory) (exception error) (address code error) (game maker studio stop responding) (fatal crash). And now my problem: every objects and room are...
  5. L

    SOLVED Backups not working, Urgent help (New version)

    ----So I put this in the wrong discussion by accident so now it is here. Sorry about that.------ So I accidentally overwrote my game file with an empty project file. I didn't really think it was that big of a deal since I had a backup from a few minutes earlier. The problem is, whenever I load...
  6. L

    SOLVED Backups not working, Urgent help

    So I accidentally overwrote my game file with an empty project file. I didn't really think it was that big of a deal since I had a backup from a few minutes earlier. The problem is, whenever I load the backup it shows up as a blank project. All of my stuff is in the backup folder but it shows up...
  7. zbox

    Asset - Extension CloudSave - iOS & Android [25% OFF]

    CloudSave Marketplace: Category: Extensions (All Platforms except for HTML5) Price: $39.99 $29.99 Modules: iOS & Android Description: Read the documentation here CloudSave provides a seamless solution to save your user's games on both Android and iOS whilst only requiring...
  8. B

    Help with backup files!

    So I accidentally deleted my object, and then run the game without noticing, so it was saved. Then I opened backup filed which was just blank file. Now I'm scared that I don't lose all my work. Any help with loading backup files? Thanks:)
  9. Silversea

    Legacy GM Software crashing and freezing after closing sprite editor

    Sorry for any overly negative tone in this thread but this is just getting really frustrating. Since GM7 I've had to cross my fingers every time I edit a sprite, because inevitably the "crash bug" will eventually befall my projects. This issue has survived over GM8, and still continues today in...
  10. A

    Windows [SOLVED]Automatically Backup Files?

    Is there anyway to automatically back up my files on GameMaker 2? I know you could do it on GameMaker: Studio but I can't find anything in the options about it.
  11. S

    Best way to backup game

    Hello, I've been working on a game using GM: Studio (1) for some time now and I may soon replace my laptop (I suspect that the current one may die suddenly). I currently backup the project folder but I'm unsure if there is a better way to save my work. What's the best way to backup my game...
  12. R

    My work is gone please help! :'(

    Hello, I'm very new to game Maker and this forum, so sorry if there has been a mistake, but my work is gone and I don't know what to do. The backups don't work. Please help!! I spent all night working on this room and a lot of the coding stuff, then went to sleep. I tested the game many times...
  13. M

    Restoring Deleted Games 100% working

    today i got to see my game has been removed by AVG, a!nd so, i went nuts. i looked if it's been in my recycle bin, but it wasn't, looked if it's in the AVG's virus vault, wasn't restored either. than i went nuts in the documents files over the game maker files and saw the backups file in it, it...