1. 2

    SOLVED No Sprites and Backgrounds Appearing (Maybe Firewall Problem)

    I'm having a problem with sprites and backgrounds not appearing in any room and was told is was likely a firewall thing in an antivirus. I have Avast. What settings should I change to allow GMS2 to work properly?
  2. Pretorg

    SOLVED Tiled background size and performance

    I have been using in my project 4 600x600 backgrounds tiled (as they are smaller than the room), the first is just a solid colour, the other backgrounds have some scattered sprites. I am implementing random events on the game and one of them requires a different background which is a radioactive...
  3. Pineapple Lake

    Question - Code [SOLVED] Problem with background compatibility scripts when importing from 1.4

    I'm trying to import my 1.4 project into GMS 2 but I have a small optimisation problem concerning backgrounds. GMS 2 creates a couple of compatibiliy scripts for backgrounds, but they are not very cpu friendly. __background_get_element is my main concern, it takes up a lot of step % because it...
  4. D

    GMS 2 [solved] layer_sprite_x() usage?

    IDE v2.2.0.343 Runtime v2.2.0.261 Windows 10 VM output I am trying to get a background to move in the current room, the room has a single instance layer with an object. According to the manual...
  5. bsabiston

    Discussion Splash screen background does not appear

    I imported my project from GMS1, and I notice that my custom splash screen does not display. I have a splash screen room with one object, and it's creation code has this: splash = "SplashScreen.png"; bg = background_add(splash,false,false); __background_set( e__BG.Index, 0, bg )...
  6. D

    Tiling doesn't work when using background_add()

    Backgrounds tile fine both vertically & horizontally when I manually load them as project resources, but if I add backgrounds with background_add() they only tile down and to the right (so blank going left and up past world coordinates {0,0}) . I'd really like to be able to load backgrounds...
  7. P

    Graphics Pixel art: Backgrounds for 32x32 pixel art

    Hello, not sure if this belongs in this thread or should be asked at all but I'm developing a game and I'm currently making art for it, I did a character which is 32x32 and has a neat little walk cycle but I was wondering what the recommended background dimensions should be to scale, I'm quite...
  8. P

    background_create_from_surface not working.

    Please, I am not stupid, but I have trouble making a background from a surface. I wanted to make a Pause system where in a room, you press Pause and you go to a pause room whose background is an image of the room you left behind. This gives the illusion that you are still in the same room, and...
  9. D

    Question - IDE Background all messed up when placing thru the sprite/object/stuff menu!

    Hopefully this is not a duplicate, but I could not find anything related to messed up backgrounds in this forum! Also, I had no idea what prefix to put... there was no "possible bug" one... Anyways, when I place a background thru the tab with all the sprites and stuff, it places PERFECTLY fine...
  10. P

    Scrolling Backgrounds

    I'm working on adding parallax backgrounds to my game and am struggling with GMS2's new syntax. Back in 1.4 a developer could scroll background images using the background_x and background_y variables, which I understand are now obsolete and have been removed from GMS2. What would be the...
  11. Luke Pierson

    Backgrounds causing extremely slow gameplay

    Hello, I have an issue and not the slightest idea as to what might be causing it or what could fix it. My game runs just great, until I add in backgrounds. My goal is to have parallax scrolling, so multiple background layers are required. I have not introduced any scrolling features to the...
  12. W

    Change Background and have an hspeed[solved]

    I can't seem to get this to work, I'm trying to make a really simple block matching game, and I want the bg to change every time the game's level increases. But I tried using draw_background combined with background_hspeed and that didn't work. I tried room_set_background and still nothing. How...
  13. GhostlyFeline

    Question - Code Creating a Background Layer Draws Duplicate Sprite

    I was testing out dynamically creating background layers today, and I noticed a strange behavior. I don't know whether it's an error in my code, or a bug with GMS2. What happens is that the game draws a duplicate sprite. One of the sprites is properly centered around the layer x and y, and...
  14. A Random Creator

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Draw tiled background on a portion of the screen

    Hello everyone, Im trying to make a room that has a black background with a tiled wood background on a portion of the screen. This might be way simpler than Im making it, but Im clueless. here is my code: Create: MaxX = (room_width*0.8)/background_get_width(bgWood) MaxY =...
  15. R

    overlapping background question

    I'll start off by saying I'm new to game making but I like to think out of the box to solve problems. So what I want to do is essentially erase part of a background and the way I think I want to do that is create a circular background on the other and then erase the circle I created to have a...
  16. D

    Windows How Can I make Auto Background Change?

    hello! i am trying to make a running game. In that game i want to change the background after every 40 seconds like in game like jetpack joyride. how can i ? any ideas..?? Also, A location in my game contains 4 backgrounds which are parallex. i want to change the location(backgrounds) every...
  17. S

    Creating Low Poly-Style Games

    Is it possible to create a game with low poly backgrounds and sprites (I'm thinking à la Monument Valley)? If not, I know that there's a tool for it in Unity. If I made models and such in Unity would I be able to import them into GameMaker? I really like the aesthetic of low poly.