1. O

    Legacy GM How do I prompt the user to select a file from their computer?

    Hello, So I need to be able to let the player choose a .png from his computer, so I can set it as the room background. How do I do this? Thanks <3
  2. phillipPbor

    Windows 360 degree view

    do you know hoe to make a 360 degree view, that you can click on hotspots to active or travel? it will be a background. can you help me guys? how do you make it?
  3. james.pierce

    room_set_background not working [SOLVED]

    I have done extensive research all over Google for the whole day and it seems I'm the only one who came across this problem. Most likely because most people use the graphical interface to set the background of a room. Anyways, I created a script called "scr_createbackground()" so I can...
  4. W

    Quick Views and Backgrounds question

    2 quick questions, 1.What's a way to animate a background, like, say waves going up and down as they scroll? I tried using background_vspeed but I could only get it to move once of course because I set it in the room creation. I don't know what commands to go with if I do a controller object...
  5. W

    draw_background drawing over character[Solved]

    Just as the title says, I'm using draw_background to change the color of the sky in a certain room when my player is near one of 6 different objects. But the backgrounds are drawing over my player and I can't see him. Any idea how I can adjust that, I've already tried changing the instance...
  6. C

    Trying to create randomly generated background with different speeds

    Hello! My code creates a random background when X = 0. However it only works if I am using factors of my W resolution 1280, otherwise it will not generate any background. I tried instead of _x == 0 , _x <= 0 but it didn't work. global.spd = -5; Step Event in a obj_control...
  7. A

    Legacy GM How to refer to specific room in GML code (in Player object)?

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to refer to a specific room in Player code sheet. I'm currently exploring the parallax background technique and each room will need different variations of background speeds (some of them none). At the moment I have this code in my Player object but what...
  8. C

    Large Image Resolution Drop

    I just started a project to make a game that involves moving horizontally through a long hallway. The room (and background image) size is 5120 x 720 pixels, with the view only showing 1280 x 720. I made a quick background to test with, but when I ran the game, the resolution of the background...
  9. A

    Legacy GM Background parallax scroll only when player moves?

    Hi there, I'm busy working on side-scroller. I'm trying to make my background parallax scroll when I'm moving right or left. At the moment I am able to do parallax scrolling with the background function in room editor. And I am able to to make viewport follow my Player. But my problem is I...
  10. G

    Tiles Drawn from Different Backgrounds

    Okay so I've been developing my project for a while now and I basically have a very large map (10000 x 10000 pixels) with two views, one main view focusing on the player and a mini map drawn as a surface on the GUI layer. My entire background is tiled and what I now want to do is be able to...
  11. G

    How to use two backgrounds for scrolling at same time?

    I have two landscapes of mountains (bck_mountains1 and bck_mountains2) and want both to scroll in the background in two different velocities. The more far away background should scroll slower than the one nearer to have a realistic behaviour. But apparently there can only be one background per...
  12. D

    Slowing down a foreground image?

    Hi, I have a fog effect set as a background (with foreground checked). It moves too fast at speed 1, and game maker will not allow for any decimals such as 0.5 in Hor. Speed or Ver. Speed. Any recommendations on how I can slow it down? Thanks!
  13. T

    Huge Backgrounds != low memory

    Hi! Trying make game with hudge hand-drawing backgrounds and problem is simple: Backgrounds size 5200x2800 and its two big sprites (back and fore) that loads in memory. Around 900mb of RAM !!! and there is nothing in the game yet :-\ You need to reduce the amount of used RAM. Try make it tiled...
  14. kamiyasi

    3D Creating background at runtime to be used as 3D texture

    Hi, everyone. I've got randomly generated planets in my 3D game. To give them unique textures, I am using surfaces. However, the method I am using does not seem to be working; the model does not draw at all when I use the texture referenced from a background made from a surface. I am guessing...
  15. SilentPhil

    Asset - Graphics Pixel art - Background Pack

    Price: $4.99 Resource link: Marketplace Description: Well detailed backgrounds for your side-scrolling/fighting/etc game. Background ideally combined with the characters from THIS set. This asset included: 6 backgrounds. size: 256x128 and 6 foregrounds. size: 256x128 Forest-1 Forest-2...
  16. T

    Video as menu background?

    Hello, I've been searching all over but I haven't found what I'm looking for. Does anyone know if there's a way to have a video play on loop as a room background? What I want to make is the title screen for my game with a video playing in a loop in the background while the player can select menu...
  17. T

    d3d_draw_floor Not Working Properly?

    Hey everybody! I'm trying so hard to figure out why d3d_draw_floor isn't drawing the floor texture I want. Instead, it draws/tiles every texture/sprite in the game as the floor/roof. I don't know why it's doing that and I can't fix it! Please help! MY TEXTURES FOR THE FLOOR/CEILING ARE 128x128...
  18. T

    What's the best way to draw background pixel by pixel?

    I want to draw all pixels in the room individually, whats the best way to do so? Every pixel's color will be calculated from the math formula that uses x and y position as input. Should I use surface? Should I draw 1x1 sprite and move it along? Or something else ? Also it would be cool to be...
  19. S

    Drawing background to the screen 1:1 (ignoring views) possible?

    Hi all, I have a tiled background that I want to draw 1:1 to the screen itself. At the moment I update the background tiles' x and y co-ordinates to the view own co-ordinates to make the background look static. The problem is there's some glitching sometimes when the background doesn't...