1. M

    Question - Code Changing a Background's Position

    In GMS1 parallax scrolling was very easy to do. You would just update the position of each background each frame like so. background_x[0] = view_xview[0]; background_y[0] = view_yview[0]; background_x[1] = view_xview[0]/2; background_y[1] = view_yview[0]/2; background_x[2] = view_xview[0]/4...
  2. B

    Question - IDE Backgrounds

    Hey, Just wondering if there is a way to import a background like in GMS 1.x so it kinda repeats, I am making a parallax effect. Thanks in advance, BloodCorn
  3. R

    overlapping background question

    I'll start off by saying I'm new to game making but I like to think out of the box to solve problems. So what I want to do is essentially erase part of a background and the way I think I want to do that is create a circular background on the other and then erase the circle I created to have a...
  4. zendraw

    Legacy GM background issue

    why does the background image turn black when i reload my project? im talking about a background with nothing in it, its filled with 0 opacity. in other words its transparent, and how do i fix this?
  5. J

    Background collision checking? [Help]

    I have the following problem: Have this level: When the room is created, the code in Creation code of the room sets my mouse's curson in where obj_Cursor (the blue circle) is, but even if the obj_Cursor is created upon a obj_Surface (the white square), the room is restarted over and over...
  6. NathanAuckett

    Windows [SOLVED]Faint lines at the tops of backgrounds

    Hi all! In our game we have parallaxing backgrounds made up of a number of background layers. Recently we ave come to notice that some of these backgrounds, only some, have faint lines going across the top edges. This is not ideal and we want to try and fix this. Here is an image showing what...
  7. W

    Legacy GM [debunked] The Mystery of the dissapearing Sprite background

    hey GMS devs, I have an issue that the manual can't help me with... I can't get an animated sprite background to stay as the background of the sprite, either when i 1/ start the game or 2/ re-open the sprite in the sprite editor What I did: i wanted to blend an animated sprite better with my...
  8. LucasSchachtMusic

    GM8: Having problems changing the background.

    Hey guys! I am kind of new to gml. I know the basics and currently I'm practising a lot and experimenting with new things. I (still) use Game maker 8. But now to my problem: I was creating a pause menu consisting of an extra room, which is displaying a screenshot of the current view as...
  9. 2

    Given "String" of Name Return Background Index, Object Index

    How do I... 1. return the index of a tile (meaning what background it's using) given a "string" in quotes containing it's name. eg. After I find there's a tile I use this if background_get_name(tile_get_background(tile_found))="grass_tile" ,but how do I turn that into a background index...
  10. Tonydaderp

    Legacy GM Background_vspeed problem

    Hmm. I'm trying to make a drop down menu screen just like in Lttp. Here's my code: if backdrop ==4 { draw_background(background2,view_xview[0],view_yview[0]-200 ); background_vspeed[background2] = 10; } Am I screwing up in the index [ ] thing? If I am, can someone explain to me how [ ]...
  11. R

    Make background independent from lighting?

    Hey guys! I'm curious if it's possible to not affect the backgrounds by the surface I use for lighting. I have lighting and two shader based effects on the top of that. I want my backgrounds affected by the effects (one is a distortion, the other one is a palette shader) but not the lighting...
  12. S

    Legacy GM Need help adding a sky backdrop (which fills the screen) to the back of a 3D game?

    (I'm working on a 2D platformer which has a 3D look to it) In my object which draws 3D projection stuff in its Draw event, I added a bit of code and the first line of it tells it to "draw_background_stretched" behind all of the other objects. Like so...
  13. M

    Legacy GM How can I gradient on tile background?

    First of all, I'm not programmer. I'm not good at game maker as you. So, I don't know much about coding. But I had followed make some making tutorial. Now, I started making first game by myself. I want to implement, but not included in tutorial section part. If possible, I want to use a minimum...
  14. N

    Centered Parallax Background

    Hello, I've been trying to apply a parallax effect to background images of my room while still keeping the images centered relative to the room itself. Here is the visual representation of the effect I'm going for: I've found many tutorials and scripts for applying the parallax effect...
  15. P

    Using an object as a background to make it Loop/Scroll

    Hey guys, I am trying to make a game similar to the Atari 2600 game Solaris, where in that game, it features a space segment that has the background move when the player moves. I found a roundabout way of doing this, by making the background an object rather than a background. I then assigned...
  16. C


    Hello Guys, I have the following problem: I have 4 Rooms and every room has the same background as a scrolling background But everytime when I open a room, it begins new And I want to know how to set the background equal to every room. Best regards Coleft
  17. HammerOn

    Portfolio - Art Professional Technical Artist (Game Art and Coding)

    Hi, my name is Christian and I love to create creative artwork from concept art to in-game animations and implementation. I’m in game development for 10 years now. For 5 years of them, I work professionally as a technical artist creating backgrounds, tiles, animation, concept art, game...
  18. O

    Legacy GM How do I prompt the user to select a file from their computer?

    Hello, So I need to be able to let the player choose a .png from his computer, so I can set it as the room background. How do I do this? Thanks <3
  19. phillipPbor

    Windows 360 degree view

    do you know hoe to make a 360 degree view, that you can click on hotspots to active or travel? it will be a background. can you help me guys? how do you make it?
  20. james.pierce

    room_set_background not working [SOLVED]

    I have done extensive research all over Google for the whole day and it seems I'm the only one who came across this problem. Most likely because most people use the graphical interface to set the background of a room. Anyways, I created a script called "scr_createbackground()" so I can...