1. R

    Any sprite I try to draw and move stutters SOLVED in GMS1 how can I do it in GMS2?

    So i've been away from game maker studio for some months I come back want to make a moving background in loop and then is started... 1)I tried using draw_sprite 2)I tried the layer functions 3)I tried the checkboxes on the background layer 4)My interpolation between pixels is unchecked 5)I use...
  2. R

    How can I manipulate the x of the background that I created on a layer in GMS2

    So I've 2backgrounds inside 1layer now how can I manipulate the X of those backgrounds instead of the full layer. I want to create a background loop, because the inbuild one doesn't work x). In GMS I never really used the backgrounds and stuff I remember using draw_sprite though and doing a...
  3. B

    Android [Help - GMS2] Is there a way to play audio in the background?

    Hi there, i'm developing an app for android and one of it's features is to play audio in the background after you close the application similar to a music player, is there actually a way to do this in GMS 2? Or will i need to find/write an extension?
  4. 6

    Infinite looping drawn background

    Hi all! I'm making a parallax background which is made from more than 7 elements so I can't use the room's default editor for making it so i'm drawing it by code. draw_background (bg_example, x1, 0) x1 is a variable which i decrease every frame, so i have my parallax this way... But the problem...
  5. Wuzzems

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Random Background Blend

    backgroundcolor[0] = background_blend[0] = c_white; backgroundcolor[1] = background_blend[0] = c_red; backgroundcolor[2] = background_blend[0] = c_orange; backgroundcolor[3] = background_blend[0] = c_yellow; backgroundcolor[4] = background_blend[0] = c_green; backgroundcolor[5] =...
  6. R

    Background with every 5sec a little mini lag/stutter[NOT SOLVED YET]

    I want to make a background that can move horizontally in GMS2. 1) It is a pixel art game. 2) Interpolation between pixels is unchecked 3) I used the options in the room editor horizontal speed +1 because +2,+3 ect... was blurry and 2 fast for pixel art 4)My room is 384x216 Camera 384x216...
  7. 2

     [Request] Tile Layer View Based Parallax

    When you attempt to move backgrounds or tile layers (not exactly sure how it works in Studio 2 yet) based on the change in view position to create parallax it's always 1 frame behind, and the same thing happens if you move backgrounds according to the view instead of drawing them yourself at a...
  8. T

    Legacy GM background_width returning incorrect value [SORT OF MAYBE SOLVED]

    Hey folks, I've a background which in the background properties confirms has a width of 1241 pixels. However, during the game if I use background_width[] to scrutinize it I get a value of 540. I'd expect background_width[] to match the number given in the background properties. What gives...
  9. T

    GMS 2 View_x/yview

    Hi, I have not used Game Maker since Game Maker 7. When I used Game Maker 7 I used the "view_xview" and "view_yview" functions to simulate a parallax background. Right now I am using the trial version of Game Maker Studio 2. Does anyone know if it has a function equivalent to the "view_x/yview"...
  10. TheRBZ

    Legacy GM answer = [SOLVED]; Change background image + Object change sprite

    I am making a game (not to leak too much info) where I need the background to switch image, or just change colour. I try using the room_set_background feature, but it has no effect. I also need the player object to change sprite from one to another when I press space. Currently, I use the...
  11. Nathan Laing

    Job Offer - Artist [CLOSED] Paid: Create exciting & mysterious space scapes!

    To whom it may concern, I wish to immediately hire an artist to create a variety of interesting, exciting, mysterious and beautiful "space scapes" (backgrounds), for a space-themed game. (Space ships will be flying around in these space scapes) Target size: 1920x1080 Target quantity: minimum...
  12. K

    Windows Backgrounds and Object Sizing

    I've got a character select type of deal going on. I'm trying to only assign the characters to one room, so that I can save game space. The only thing is I'd like the characters to stay a smaller size and I'd like the background to change after clicking on the object for that character. It's...
  13. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM myst game slide puzzle background

    slide picture puzzle is the most popular hardest puzzle ever made, until I came up with a sillution. each room like this is one of the sliding panals for a (puzzle) control panal. that way you can make your own path. but one thing that was bugging me. is that how can the game tell of the door...
  14. H

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Help setting background hspeed by code

    I have an object that draws parallax backgrounds. I used the following code in the draw event of the object: draw_background_tiled(gradient1, view_xview, view_yview/1.22); draw_background_tiled(clouds1_back, view_xview/1.01, view_yview/1.22); draw_background_tiled(hills1, view_xview/1.14...
  15. Fixer90

    Background Variable?

    What would I input if, when asked for the background argument, I want it to be whatever the room's current background is?
  16. S

    [SOLVED] How to change the background while the game is running

    Hello Everyone! I am currently developing a arcade-style side-scrolling space shooter. Normally, the game creates the illusion that the spaceship is flying through space by having a solid black background and randomly generating star and planet objects from the right side of the screen. I...
  17. Q

    Legacy GM Creating a dynamically changing background

    Hello, I'm working on a rhythm game, and I want to implement a feature whereby when the player hits a correct note, the background begins to change color. To elaborate on that, I want it to form a "wave" effect, where the background changes in a straight line that moves until it reaches the...
  18. B

    Question - Code Resolved### Problem displaying tiles with code

    There is something blocking my tiles, I've played with changing the depth of the layer I'm putting my tiles on, tried erasing the background but nothing seems to work, is this a bug or am I missing something obvious? two screenshot of the Background color changed and erased. my code layer_id...
  19. B

    Question - Code GMS2 draw_tile trouble

    I am having trouble getting the draw_tile function to work, below is my code. Basically the tiles are drawn but about 20 pixels along the x axis they are cut off, I colored the background and it looked like that was what was blocking the sprites but but when I removed the background from the...
  20. M

    How make the background change its speed while certain conditions?

    Hi My game is almost done but something appeared to delay it a little. I want to make the background scroll vertically but with different speeds at different score conditions. How can i do that? ^_^ I know i have to use vspeed and if statement but i have no idea how organize this to work =o...