1. A

    GMS 2 [STILL UNSOLVED] Vector anti-aliasing for tiles and backgrounds?

    Hey! Sorry if a similar question has been asked and answered before, but I've looked everywhere and really haven't seen anyone else with this problem. In my current project, I am trying to use vector sprites for the first time ever (!). In order to get them to not look like jagged garbage...
  2. Z

    Depth effect on scrolling backgrounds. Parallax

    I tend to use this code: background_x[0]=view_xview*1 background_y[0]=view_yview*1 It works but it makes a twitch each time the player lands or stop running Any idea on how to fix it?
  3. V

    layer_background_visible not showing layer

    I want to show background layer. I have some layers. I found my layer. layer_background_visible(__backid, 1) __res = layer_background_get_visible(__backid) I checked res and res = 1 But layer didn't showed on screen. Documentation Note that this is dependent on the layer visibility, and even if...
  4. Elijah Budd

    Legacy GM Background Tiles Not Functioning

    Hello! I have been working on a game for about a year now, and the main content is completed. All I have left to do are locations. Unfortunately, the Tiles tab of the room editor has stopped working altogether. I have tried rebooting my computer, reloading the software, and even uninstalling...
  5. I

    Legacy GM Draw GUI

    DISCLAIMER: English is not my first language, so I might have English grammar mistakes, so I wanna apologize for that in advanced. So my problem is, I need to draw a vignette effect over my screen, and when I press and R button, from black vignette it needs to switch into orange. I am trying to...
  6. I

    Draw GUI Background

    DISCLAIMER: English is not my first language, so I might have English grammar mistakes, so I wanna apologize for that in advanced. So my problem is, I need to draw a vignette effect over my screen, and when I press and R button, from black vignette it needs to switch into orange. I am trying to...
  7. C

    How to draw sine wave

    Hey So I'm trying to create a background for the first level of my game, and I wanted it to be simply a color screen with a bunch of sine waves oscillating up and down, so that the amplitude goes from the max, to zero, to the negative max, and back again, and so on. I am not really sure how to...
  8. Sawyer

    GMS 2 Background problem

    Hello everyone, Actually my viewport 0 is on the player. And i want my background follow my camera or the player to have impression background is imobile. However i don't see how to do it. I tryed to do it with some code without succes. Thanks for help.
  9. N

    Help with my background system

    I'm trying to make a parallax scrolling background and I'm having some trouble with it. It draws above every tile even though the BG object's depth is set to 1000000 and tiles' depth is 10000. The objects are still visible too. This is the code: ///Create Event Image = 0; xSpeed = 1...
  10. A

    Change Sprites Shown in Background BEFORE Viewed

    I'm trying to tell a background layer to change to a different sprite BEFORE it scrolls into view in my horizontal scrolling platformer game. The background layers scroll horizontally using a parallax script. The background Layer has the *"horizontal tile" option checked. i'm using this code...
  11. U

    GMS 2 How to place a image above room background?

    I want to see the a image above the background. But now i see background only ( And allways see what load last (sprite_add,sprite_index). In code below it will be a background. So i see it. How to fix it? RoomCreationCode var image_sprite; //logo code //the object logo_object is located in...
  12. T

    Job Offer - Artist Background and Conceptual Art Needed (Paid)

    I've got a project that is good on the coding front but requires art. I'm making what is more or less a realtime card game where your plants fight an opponent's, garden versus garden. So far I have plenty of plant concepts but very little in the way of background art. I have some working art...
  13. Carloskhard

    Glitch with big sprites/backgrounds

    Hi everyone, I'm making a mobile game where you have a menu at the start. In the menu I have 4 layers of background,3 for stars passing by at diferrent speeds (to create the depth feeling) and then the Tittle of the game. If I play the game on PC it runs smoothly and flawless,however if I run...
  14. Weastøne Entertainment

    Question - IDE Vertical white lines

    Hello there!, I've just imported my GM1.4 project into 2 and I've notticed some problems. One of them is that randomly vertical white lines appear suddenly. It seems to be something about tiles, as those vertical lines appear on the room editor (on the tiles), but I don't understand why is...
  15. A

    Changing Background Sprite Frame? ( image_index)

    Is changing background sprite frames an available option? I've been trying different methods but nothing seems to be able to accomplish this. does anyone know about this? thanks!
  16. id07

    (Solved) Have background fixed when player moves

    I'm looking for advice or the method to achieve a fixed background image, that when the player moves around the room using views, the background image never is "scrolled" or repeated (like what the tile option does in the room/background settings). I want the player to be able to move around...
  17. A

    Parallax using Objects, not Backgrounds?

    Hi, new here. I've been using this script from this guy's Youtube Tutorial on Parallax Backgrounds. I have it working great. But I want to have one of my parallax layers be an actual object(s)... NOT a background. script: var layer_id1 = layer_get_id("Backgrounds_1"); var layer_id2 =...
  18. Rikifive

    Mapping | Big Maps

    Hello there, I'll just get to the point. I have a relatively big room, where the map is an around 4000x2200 size single-file drawing. The style isn't that blocky to allow me easily turn that into an effective tileset (imagine gradients here and there, some shading etc.). Structures and various...
  19. ArtCode

    Legacy GM Background colors aren't good/smooth on Android...

    Hello to everyone, I'm trying to create a little game on Android, but I'm having a little problem. The background colors aren't good and smooth like on my WINDOWS export... why? Here, take a look. The first one is on Android. The second one is on Windows. Notice that the colors aren't scaling...
  20. A

    Legacy GM Background Help

    The thing is that I want to hide the background (bck_main_screen) and have the drawn background instead!!!:)And then the ability to add the background(bck_main_screen) back into the game later all in the same room... Is this possible??? Thank you!! a quick reply if possible please this is due...