1. abianche

    Spotify game theme music

    Hi guys! What's your background music playlist on Spotify, anything game-related, that you listen while coding awesome games? Here's the one I listen every time: (c. Mattias Hinnerson) :D...
  2. F

    GMS 2 changing room background code

    Hi i am using game maker 2 i need to change the room background when a certain event happens what i understood from the docs is that this line should do it , but it doesn't seem to work background_index[0]= spr_store_background; Any idea what's wrong or missing? thanks in advance
  3. M

    Legacy GM Light system without affecting background

    i already have a code for the light system, but it also affects the background, pls halp. here's the code for "obj_lightcontrol" Create event: global.light = surface_create(room_width, room_height) Draw event: var bbb = 1, i; with (obj_lightspot){ xs = instance_nearest(x,y,obj_lightrand).xd }...
  4. G

    [Solved]Problem with the sprites

    Hi all, i'm new on the board and in programming in general. This is my first game and i'm trying to do something easy. I get an anexpected error about my sprites. I was building some obstacles in my game. The object has only a move comand in the step event and the sprites is set in the object...
  5. JAG

    GMS 2 Modify background layer properties in code

    Hi I want to be able to change these: in my code. Specifically the Horizontal Speed property. Apparently GMS1 had a variable for this (background_hspeed) but GMS2 does not. I can't use the regular layer hspeed function because this is a _background_ layer and I need the image to wrap. Also I...
  6. N

    Android [SOLVED] Blurry backgrounds

    Hi everyone! I've got a view with with width = 960 and height = 1280(the port width and height have the same values). I have background with the following dimensions: 960X6808(The background is scrolling vertically and I didn't want to make too obvious that it is being repeated). When I run the...
  7. S

    Stopping a background layer from tiling after a set amount of time

    I have 2 water layers underneath my vertically scrolling backgrounds and I want them to stop tiling at some point so that I can show some static layers underneath them. How do I do this?
  8. Sergio

    Error on flipping background

    Hi there: I'm trying to flip the brackground of my game, using this code: var lay_id = layer_get_id("bg_wall"); var back_id = layer_background_get_id(lay_id); layer_background_xscale(back_id, -1); Aparently, this should works, since it's the same code that appears in the manual, and...
  9. Tofu Heavy Industries

    Backgrounds : 'zooming' & getting name

    Hello, I am using GMS 1.4, and I had 2 questions about backgrounds. 1) how do you get the actual name of the background of the room you're currently in ? (i.e. back_b_street) 2) I am trying to create a room + background that functions like the backgrounds on Samurai Showdown 2-4. I'll...
  10. H

    Android Weird stretching when exporting to Android

    Edit: This has since been fixed! I just updated game maker and it works again.
  11. Daniel Mallett

    Applying background

    For some reason I can't figure this out. All I need to do is apply a background the same way you click on the background layer and select which one to use. I found some commands that are supposed to do this but don't appear to do anything. Even if you select the sprite to use I can't seem to...
  12. T

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]Where are the Background Resources?? Imported GMS1.4

    Hey guys new to actually using GMS2, I like it so far, I was wondering something though, I have a project I imported from GMS1.4, I was wondering where do the background folder images go? I see them being used as a compatibility layer but when I open new rooms, I can't seem to find where to add...
  13. A

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Making background follow camera?

    Hello, what I want to do in my game is to make the background follow the camera. Any idea on how this would be made? Thanks in advance.
  14. R

    GMS 2 Moving clouds in background

    Hi programmers! I am trying to add some clouds to the background of my game but I cannot quite think of the way to actually do it. I know I can set a sprite to the background (with cloud sprite image) , extend it vertitally and horizontally (filling the screan with clouds) and add a horizontal...
  15. KamilSeven

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Parallax Scrolling for Single Screen (static view) Game.

    [POST-EDIT] The issue (solved) in this thread was about smooth movement (subpixel movement) in low-resolution games. [POST-EDIT/END] Hi! I want to have a parallax scrolling background for a single screen game with GM:S 1.4. The exact same effect is buildings bg. in Super Crate Box by Vlambeer...
  16. O

     GM7 Sprite Editor

    When I started using Game Maker, I came up with a good method for creating seamless textures with the sprite editor for my 3D projects. I would stretch it to 300% then paste the old sized image back in rows of 3 so I could use the blur feature to smoothly merge the borders of the image and then...
  17. N

    Message Background Size

    What would be the best size to set for a message background because every time I try to make a nice graphic background for my messages it gets really warped. I'm using GM8.1 btw and THANKZ for help :)
  18. I

    Asset - Graphics Pixel Art Forest & Town tilesets

    A pack included Forest Tiles & Town Tiles + bonus of big Wooden Ladder You can build many unique maps by combining between those Tilesets Perfect for your platform, RPG ... games Tilesets had been preset, ready-to-use Pixelart style, frame size: 48x48 Market link...
  19. M

    [HELP]How to control ONLY one object when u have X objects on your background

    Hi guys , i want to control only one object at the same time , because i created a board game , and each player have 4 pieces . It is possible on GMS to click with the mouse on a piece , to control only this piece and move it when you control it ? I tried with this code at first , without the...
  20. J

    How to make html5 game work in background?

    Hi! I am working on game simillar to: Main idea of the game is that player earns (for example) 1 point every minute game is running. Hovewer when player change tab with game or minimize browser game stop counting points. I would like to run game maker game in "background"...