1. Tails1000

    GMS 2 Top down RPG reflecting the sky at night

    I'm creating a top down RPG and am planning on having water sources such as lakes reflect the sky above. This is easy to achieve during the day, I just make a transparent water tile and change my background to be clouds or something. But it's when day turns to night is where it becomes tricky...
  2. P

    Question - Code Mask Backgrounds - showing through a mask the background behind

    Hello, I've being trying to create a way to make a certain area of my level to show the background bellow. At the moment I have two layer of background, one with color (behind) and one without (front). my objective is to create a mask on the front background so i could see the behind background...
  3. T

    Shaders Shader producing unexpected results

    Hello all, I have a newbie shader problem in gamemaker2 ( I apply a blur shader to my background layer from an object's create event and it looks fine. However, when I call shader_reset() in the object's draw event (to draw something unblurred on top), the background looks funny. The...
  4. K

    GMS 2 (Solved) How to set background sprites by code?

    How does one add a sprite to a background via code? I tried the following: globalvar town_background; town_background = layer_background_get_id("Background"); //I assume Background and Instances are default layers belonging to every room? At least they appear in the room editor...
  5. Coded Games

    Increase Scale of Background layer

    So is there any way to increase the scale of a background layer without just scaling up the sprite?
  6. J

    GMS 2 Porting Background Issues

    I'm trying to port an old GM1.x project over to GM2. The auto-porting works fine but a lot of compatibility scripts are being created which I have no idea how it works. So, I'm trying to manually bring it over. Which is good as I can optimise some of the old codes plus learn what new things...
  7. R

    Parallax backgrounds

    Hi can someone help me, I cant understand why my background is starting mid screen and not taking the full width of the screen. I have been following Shaun Spaldings tutorial on this but it doesnt seem to work for me. here is my code... ///Create camera cam = view_camera[0]; follow =...
  8. M

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] background_htiled Appears to be Ineffective

    Hello all! After about two years of losing all game-making knowledge, I'm back on the forums! Now that I'm back into GMS1.4, I'm struggling with something that I can't seem to find the answer to for as long as I've tried to find an answer inside and outside the forums. I'm trying to create a...
  9. N

    GMS 2 GameMaker Background Layer Unclear...

    I have a background layer called bg_random. But this code: randomize(); var lay_id = layer_get_id("bg_random"); var back_id = layer_background_get_id(lay_id); global.backgr=choose(bg_regular,bg_dark); layer_background_index(back_id, global.backgr); doesn't work. Nor does this work...
  10. JeanSwamp

    GML Horizontal Tile Different Backgrounds

    Hello, I'm trying to create some sort of background that scrolls horizontally for a runner game. A good example that comes to mind when trying to explain what I need is Jetpack Joyride, where the background transitions from one to another. Basically I plan to have more or less the same...
  11. M

    GMS 2 Help me build a better parallax background with 3d

    So, i was working on the backgrounds for my game and it felt kinda odd that all the buildings had the same perspective regardless of where the camera was, so i tought it would be nice if the background had some perspective things, so i tried looking into some tutorials and some forum entries but...
  12. M

    Legacy GM Background disappears for no reason.

    So i've been playing around with scripts for a while and i encountered a weird bug just now. Sometimes when the player object is hit, the background may sometimes disappear. A gif with what is happening is below: I have no idea why...
  13. H

    Discussion Strange background bug [SOLVED]

    Edit: SOLVED! I managed to fix the bug by resetting the background every time the room starts up. I did this easily by making a small script; background_ID = layer_background_get_id(0); background_sprite = layer_background_get_sprite(background_ID); layer_background_destroy(background_ID)...
  14. C

    GMS 2 Static Background in a 3D Game

    So basically I have a 3d racing game where the player drives through a 3d environment. Everything seems to work so far! What I'm stuck on now is how to create backgrounds that don't move when the camera changed direction and doesn't grow or shrink. This might be similar to how the original Super...
  15. C

    HTML5 HTML5 Transparent background canvas

    In GMS2 is it possible to get a transparent HTML5 canvas background? The resources I have found to accomplish this pertain to GMS1 and things have changed a bit. Thanks!
  16. B

    Asset - Graphics Tropical Island Tileset

    Marketplace Link: Description The Tropical Island Tileset consists of 32x32 tiles and is designed for use in a side-scrolling platformer. It Includes ground and wall tiles for both beach and grass, as well as transitions...
  17. mar_cuz

    Job Offer - Artist Large Hi Res Pixel Art Stadium [PAID]

    Hi Guys, I am creating a sports game and need some background art. This is paid work. I need a huge image of a stadium done for my background. I don't need the grass that area can be blank. I just need a pixel art version of this stadium: here are some examples of the level of detail and...
  18. Froll

    Portfolio - Art 2d artist. 12$ per hour.

    Hi! :D :rolleyes:My name is Peter, I'm 2d artist / animator.:rolleyes: Services: Character Design tiles 2d animations Illustration Concept Game UI Gaming Props Hand Painted Texture 2d animations pixel art (I'm in love with pixel art for now, so you can get a discount on it ;) ) contact me...
  19. abianche

    Spotify game theme music

    Hi guys! What's your background music playlist on Spotify, anything game-related, that you listen while coding awesome games? Here's the one I listen every time: (c. Mattias Hinnerson) :D...
  20. F

    GMS 2 changing room background code

    Hi i am using game maker 2 i need to change the room background when a certain event happens what i understood from the docs is that this line should do it , but it doesn't seem to work background_index[0]= spr_store_background; Any idea what's wrong or missing? thanks in advance