1. rob2d

    Windows Background layer shows above sprites

    Hi, Recently started to get familiar with Game Maker after a long hiatus from any kind of hobby game development and found that in GMStudio 2 (Beta v23.1.1.67), I am having issues where the background always draws above sprites. If I check the room settings, the depth of the background layer...
  2. Architheutis

    Transparent images with filthy lookin´ edges

    Hey there, hum, I converted my (almost) ready game. My texture rate is set on 2048 x 2048. I always remark ugly edges in my transparent sprites esp. in my BG-textures (I sometimes import prepared images, made via Photoshop). I created .png-files with transparent BG, 72dpi, RGB, 32bit. Any ideas...
  3. Adry

    Newb question: How to draw onto a surface?

    Hi! I'm trying to understand surfaces, not the application_surface, but rather an individual surface that I can manipulate.. This is probably a beginner question, but, as the title suggests, how do I draw onto a surface? More specifically, how do I draw my Layer background sprite onto its own...
  4. B

    Create a background that flashes between two colors

    Hi everybody, I would like to create a short animation of the background that flashes between a color and its inverse. I would like to trigger this animation when the player takes a power up. Among the threads found in the forum I tried to change the background color with this code: lay_id =...
  5. F

    Portfolio - Art Illustration/ Concept Artist for hire !!!

    Current work in progress portfolio post I can do: Dark art illustrations Dungeons and Dragon characters Concept Illustration Quick speed paints. Creature illustration and concepts. Some more stuff over here: And here:
  6. 1up Indie

    GMS 2 Action scene - Animated background like in megaman or manags

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: All Summary: This video tutorial shows you a very neat way how to make an action screen with particles in gamemaker studio. Technically you would call this vfx (visual effects) but action screen has more punch in the wording. Where have you seen such a thing...
  7. tagwolf

    Simple Background Gradient Render

    Simple Background Gradient Render (No graphics required!) GM Version: 2.X Target Platform: ALL Summary: Immediately and with minimal effort make your games and prototypes looks better and more polished. I've seen so many GMS games that are using gray or flat black backgrounds. This is an...
  8. Weastøne Entertainment

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Pause screen with surfaces as background

    Hello there!, I am having some difficulties with surfaces when trying to use them as background; first of all, I'd like to use the draw gui event for that instead of the regular draw event. Then, there are two methods I am considering which are to create a sprite from the application surface...
  9. Occupant

    Stop background sprite animation

    I read this post, which seems very closely related to my issue: In short, I want to stop the animation of the sprite assigned to my room background before it loops. The solution above talks about...
  10. J

    Design Unsure how to create a "Circular" background, if possible

    This might be tough to explain, but here it goes! I have a 2D game I'm working on, and I want to have rooms that let the character pan across the room, just simple use of the cameras. However, I'm designing the backgrounds in Blender as 3D models, and rendering them as an image which is then...
  11. Mirrorstreet

    Graphics Size for good quality hand drawn sprites

    I've been working on a small game for a few weeks now, but I've come across a big problem; the size limitations. My player-character is a hand drawn sprite, therefore the size is a lot bigger than a pixel game would be. My player is 132 x 170 px (which is even smaller than I intended to). I'm...
  12. SilentxxBunny

    How do I re-create this effect?

    I'm wondering how to re-create the (floor) effect in this video. I think that it would really add something to my HTML5 game "Synergy" but I'm not even sure how to define it - much less program it. If someone could point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate some help.
  13. I

    Use player File for room background

    Hello Everyone , loving the studio so far , still doing baby steps. I want to ask players to upload a image that will be used as background for the room. what am I doing wrong ? The room opens but the image does not apply as background. var back = layer_background_get_id(room0); faceplate =...
  14. M

    GMS 2 Background following Viewport

    Here we go again :D I am creating a parallax background for my game, and I know how to make the background follow the player around. The background jumps around with oPlayer, which of course looks unrealistic. The code I am currently using to position my background sprites (code in oBackground...
  15. FloresSottile

    Smooth fade in/out for background change

    I'm using GM 1.4 and I'd like to know if there's some cool way to change backgrounds by index without having them added in the room, because I'm trying to work with more than 8 backgrounds (which is how many one can add to the room) and my intention is to keep the same room for those...
  16. JeanSwamp

    Music Switching

    Hello, I'm playing around with music switch between rooms, like from Title Screen to starting off the game, switching to rooms, death room, loading room, and so on. How do you guys handle all this switches and decide which music to play at a given time? Do you hard code all of this? Thank you
  17. Pfap

    App in background

    I'm trying to find a way to still receive network data if the game loses focus. Or rather to store data on the other client if the player has pushed the game to the background. The game is turn based. if os_type == os_ios || os_type == os_android{ if os_is_paused(){ //let the other...
  18. Drazglb.

    [SOLVED] Background fixed to the screen size?

    Hi guys, I'm totally new here, so I hope I make things right... So here's my issue: I want a static background which would always be the same no matter where the player is (I'm making a 2d platformer). I also want to stretch that background so it fits the screen size too. I hope someone could...
  19. M4nu

    Setting screenshot as background of another existing room

    Hello GMC! I want the game at one point to freeze a full screenshot that gets instantly added as background for another existing room. I'm thinking I can use: screen_save("screenshot.png"); and if (file_exists("screenshot.png")) but I'm not sure of the rest. Maybe I can use...
  20. B

    GMS 2 Background won't fill the screen?

    Hi there i am new here, and i am currently having an issue with getting my background to fill in on GameMaker Studio 2. I made a display manager that takes care of all the aspect ratio/screen resolution adaptions. But for some reason my background just won't scale and i am making the game in...