background music

  1. Rocore

    Not possible to change music between Rooms?

    Hello, I'm having a lot of problems trying to make change the background music from one room to another. I wanted to put a track as an intro at the starting screen (Room0) and then change it when the user clicks the start button and enters to Room1. Tried everything but not working,the...
  2. giraffeman210

    Video Game Music

    I like listening to video game music while I work on projects because it just makes sense. If you are the same, here is a playlist of some of my favorites. It was supposed to be a top 100 but its 104 because I couldn't get myself to cut anymore out...
  3. S

    sound_volume doesn't work with value.

    Hello! I have a problem with sound_volume in GM8.1 I have an objet that, when created, checks the value of the current event and gets the corresponding bgm in his variable "MyMusic" then plays it with sound_loop(MyMusic); Afterward, I want to adjust the volume depending of another variable...
  4. D

    (SOLVED) How to set up background music that switches in different rooms?

    I'm doing a project and I have a set music for the first 9 rooms of my game and I want the music to change to a different song when I enter room 10. Any ideas how to set it up?
  5. Velocity

    [SOLVED] SFX Cancelling out Background Music

    Hi, So I wanted sound effects in my game So, originally I tried coding in a script and in an object collision code with audio_play_sound(snd_sound, 10, false) But that didn't work So then, I successfully coded with sound_play(snd_sound) BUT Now whenever I do my fireball sound the...
  6. C

    Music Distortion

    It pains me that my first post is one asking for help. I am very hands on and have tried many things to fix this to no avail. Any music I try to play is highly distorted and sounds like it is "pixelated" and loud. I have used preformated sound files downloaded right from the yoyo marketplace...