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  1. P

    GMS 2.3+ How do I change the backgroud color in Code?

    Hello Everybody. I am currently making the Illustrations System for my project in GMS 2.3. And it goes well, but what I can't make working is the background, it is grey for no reason. So currently my illustrations are working this way: The game just draws the 640 x 360 image to the screen in the...
  2. A

    SOLVED How can i change background colour (with codes)

    I want to make a rainbow effect on the background. How can I? edit:Okay guys i did it create event: global.TimeToGoUp = true global.Bgtimer = 0 step event: if(global.TimeToGoUp = true and global.Bgtimer = 500){ global.TimeToGoUp = false } else if (global.TimeToGoUp = false and...
  3. jwrose

    GMS 2 Weird issue with Yoyo Runner rendering only background

    Hello! I posted this in the GMS support forum, but figured I'd also try here, just in case. I work on my game part time and in the last couple weeks I hadn't touched it. I came back to it recently, and now when I run my game in YoYo Runner, I only get the background color. I get the initial...
  4. 2

    GMS 2 No Background Color Option in GMS2 Anymore?

    Is there not a way to set the background color for the entire room in the room editor anymore? There a way to tint a background, but that's not the same as drawing 1 color behind everything. That was very useful for games whose visual style had white space (not necessarily white). The manual...
  5. Mr Trick

    gradient color background GMS:2

    hay guys I need to set gradient color background like this site : on my game, how can I do it in GMS:2
  6. T

    Backround color changer.

    I just need a script for the background. I just want the background to change color like for example it starts with red and it fades to blue.
  7. Pineapple Lake

    Question - IDE How to remove background color on sprite import

    I probably overlooked it but I can't find it anywhere in the manual or on the forum: How to import a sprite in GMS:2 while removing the background color? There's no checkbox for it, like in GMS.