background application

  1. duran can

    Android run on background is posible?

    I make a simple earthquake detector with Gms2. using device_get_tilt_x ..etc with. Is it possible to run this application on android background? I could not find a proper answer regarding this issue.
  2. C

    Android "push-notification" and possibility to run game in background [GMS 2]

    Hi, 2 questions from a beginner to get to know if GMS 2 is the right IDE for my Android-Game idea. I want to make a game that can send push-notifications to the smartphone if the attention of the player is required for a specific action. Therefore a found push_local_notification() in the...
  3. T

    GMS 2 could GMS2 make a keylogger... sorta?

    Hello The Issue I was wondering what would be the best method to create a background application that monitors and responds to key presses or key press combinations, like a key logger, but not intended to be nefarious in any way, but rather the aim is to develop an application to give the user...