1. D

    Android Save Them Smoking aliens

    Save Them Save the smoking aliens, their planet is getting invaded by Robots! in this Sci Fi thriller. They need you to protect them from the robots and also tidy up their planet when a storm hits it. This game has Three Game modes! Check it out below on the app store. Thanks for the...
  2. orSQUADstra

    Windows The GM OS Project (GameMaker Operating System)

    Introduction Welcome to the GM OS Project! Here, you can experience my own way of writing a sub OS in GameMaker. Back in the day, lots of there have been around, but my project is different - it's functional. Every feature is worked on to make it imitate an actual operating system. So, how is...
  3. Tsa05

     [Opinion/Feat Req] GMS2 needs more 3D

    "It's not a 3D game Making Tool!" "Learn 2 Code!" "Never!" Ok, but hear me out? I'm not suggesting that GameMaker become more of a 3D game-making tool at the present. This is something different, and wrapped into stuff YYG is doing right now in the editor. There's so many successful mobile...
  4. V

    Android Cyber Duck(first game) Description: It's like flappy bird, but you're a duck. And you shoot lasers out of your eyes! Also, if you could click on some ads so i can get paid, that'd be super awesome of you! Screenshots:
  5. V

    My first game is on the app store! its called Cyber Duck! its like flappy bird but youre a Duck, and you shoot lasers out of youre eyes and if you could click on some ads thatd be super awesome!
  6. XanthorXIII

    Windows Multi-Monitors Are Awesome - Feature Request

    Multi-Monitors are so awesome. I have three, one in a Portrait Setup and two in Landscape. Makes for some pretty cool things I can do. One of those I really wish I could do is tell GameMaker which Monitor I want the game to output. This is so I can test games I create in Multiple Monitors to see...
  7. XanthorXIII

     Monitors Monitors Monitors

    So I work on 3 Monitors. Generally the left Monitor is for documentation and some coding and the other two are for other functions. Downloaded GMS2 to try it tonight and wow. Now I can really custom setup my workspace. Thank you YoYo for some fantastic work!!!
  8. H

    Max Function

    I am currently learning GML and I wonder what is the "max" code here... Please Explain... Thanks :D