1. Gandija

    2.5d automaze

    Hello. This is an engine for making fast 2.5d mazes. Features: -auto collisions -autodepth I used the script written by nocturne and shaunjr, the rest is my work. It works like this: 1-create an objet with a sprite of 32px and 43 images...
  2. E

    Question - Code Runtime Autotiling?

    Hello, I just bought GM2 and it looks very promising. I was messing around trying to make a topdown shooter with tiles instead of object to create the map of it, and I managed to destroy a single tile in runtime, the problem is that it doesn't switch tile to adapt to the new layout of the map...
  3. G

    Simple way to program auto tiling?

    I've been trying to make my game auto-tile sprites now for the last 7 hours, I've gotten a really bad headache from doing this so I thought I'd just ask. Basically, there are 13 sprites. 2 wall tiles, 2 floor tiles, 4 corner tiles, 4 inside corner tiles and one middle tile. I'd like to be able...
  4. Ariak

    Legacy GM On Slopes and Grids II: Autotiling with 45° Slopes.

    GM Version: 1.4.1757 Target Platform: ALL Downloads .gmz: Summary: This tutorial expands on my previous one by adding slope...
  5. T

    Tiles running slow

    Greetings. So... I was still meddling with my terrain, trying to make it fully destructible. And I came up with this code, which would autotile it in real time, allowing me to break all the bricks and still have everything pimp. They were 256x256 bricks to minimize load, but they could still be...
  6. Dragon47

    Asset - Shaders Autotiling Tilemap Shaders

    Download demo: http://www.mediafire...ders (Demo).exe This extension includes two shaders which autotiles and depth sorts your tiles in an instant. There's a collection of 5 scripts which makes it easy to use the extension. Usually you would organize your tiles and create edges and corners...