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auto tiling

  1. Kezarus

    Autotiling by Code

    Good day to you! I did an autotile code but the end result is ugly AF. The pieces are on the right spot, btw. Here is the code: ///@definition bitmask_cell ///@param wx - coord x ///@param wy - coord y var wx = argument[0]; var wy = argument[1]; var cellSize = global.cellSize; var myTile =...
  2. OmegaMKX

    Autotile Pillars and Platforms

    Hi everybody, completely new person to GMS and honestly little more than a novice programmer here! I'm trying to find a way to make platforms and columns that can be stretched into variable lengths and widths. If I were to just stretch out a sprite in the room editor, it stretches the entire...
  3. Oliver Melroy

    GMS 2 How to do Inner Tileset Corners.

    Hey! I am currently working on a project, and I watched this video [] on how to make AutoTiling on objects. This video shows how to do the outsides, but not the insides of the Tiles (As in the inner corners). The code will be down below for the autoTiling script, any help is appreciated. I also...
  4. D

    GMS 2 How to make Automatic Tiling detecting other tiles

    Hi guys, hi was wondering if it was possible to make the Auto Tiling to detect nearby tiles even if they are not part of the same Auto Tiling library. Here's what i mean. As you can see the Auto Tiling doesn't take in account the other tiles and so they are not continuous. Is it possible to...
  5. D

    Legacy GM trying to index a variable which is not an array error

    Hi guys, i'm trying to make a script which stes the tiles of a block of wall based on the sprites stored in its array, but somehow when i call this function on the object the compiler tells me that i' m "trying to index a variable which is not an array". Each block of wall is built at the...
  6. S

    Windows Auto-tiling problem

    Hi. I've been struggling with the auto-tile system. My game is based on a 16x16 pixel grid. As such, I want my tileset to be that as well. I've made this tileset, it is 4x5 of 16 tile pieces. I want to be able to place tiles that are that small with the autotile system. I've placed the...
  7. C

    Auto tiling issues

    I have been trying to do an auto tile type thing for a while now, but it hasn't been working. Mainly my corner pieces have been acting wonky. This is my auto tile set, and how it isn't working in my game. Here is my code: ///autotile(obj) var obj, image, tile_size, nUp, nRight, nDown, nLeft...
  8. Dani

     [SOLVED] Auto Tiling tool BUG?

    Hello! I have set up a tileset. This tileset contains 2 sets of 47 tiles for auto tiling, named autotile_1 and autotile_2. In the room editor, the following happens: 1) I click the first tile of the second set of auto-tiles (autotile_2). 2) I click on the auto-tiling tool icon. 3) The tile...