1. D

     [SOLVED] Auto Tiling tool BUG?

    Hello! I have set up a tileset. This tileset contains 2 sets of 47 tiles for auto tiling, named autotile_1 and autotile_2. In the room editor, the following happens: 1) I click the first tile of the second set of auto-tiles (autotile_2). 2) I click on the auto-tiling tool icon. 3) The tile...
  2. D

     [Suggestion] Auto-generate tiles for the Auto-Tiling tool.

    Hello! The new built-in auto-tiling tool is amazing, but is there some built-in auto-generator of the 47 and 16 tiles needed for auto-tiling? That would be quite useful. For example, for generating those 47 tiles I think you only need 5 of them: The idea is that the user provides those 5...
  3. P

    Design Of horses and paddocks

    Hello to all makers young and old! First of all let me introduce myself as this is my first post. I thus got to my first design dilemma, that I spend maybe the last month on, and still cannot really figure out, being half brain dead in math and code. Character: Player interacts with...
  4. NazGhuL

    Asset - Scripts Grid Auto Tile 47 [GMS2]

    This scripts help you auto-tile directly in game. Perfect for procedurally generated levels. It uses a tileset of 47 images placed in the same order as in the IDE of GMS2. It auto-tiles on a ds_grid but it can be easily changed for arrays. Note that GMS is still in beta and asset will be updated...