auto tile

  1. WasabiHeat

    SOLVED Block object with "Auto Tiling"

    This is more of a logic problem than a programming problem, but I've been putting together a block building/destruction system and wanted the block's sprites to dynamically change based on where blocks (of the same type) were around it, just like how the auto tiler determines tile sprites or how...
  2. C

    Drag And Drop Auto Tile In-Game

    I am currently using DnD to see how GML works, so I would greatly appreciate if any answers given use that format and pictures would be incredibly helpful, as I am a very visually-oriented learner. I have created a tile set with an auto tile library. What I am hoping to do is program an object...
  3. JesterOC

    Job Offer - Programmer [Completed] Hiring 2D Programmer for Open World Chunk Autotiling

    Hey there, I'm having a problem with my open world chunks and autotiling via code I was hoping you could help me... I'm using this for auto tiling at the moment: but the edges of my chunks don't auto tile...Here's a Pic...
  4. B

    Auto-Tile Help!

    So in my game I have a random map created with tiles(grass, sand and water) and I want to have the tiles change based on the tiles next to them. Which is the auto-tile function, but the layer is created with the code and I cannot figure out how to get the tiles to auto-tile with code. Anyone...
  5. Gillen82

    47 Layout Tile System

    How's it going, guys? I have recently upgraded to GMS:2 and have been working with the new auto-tile feature. I have mastered the 16 tile layout, but can't get my head around the 47 tile system. Are there any good tutorials out there that would help me with this? Cheers!!
  6. Guitarmike


    Can someone please tell me what is wrong with this image as the basis for a 47-piece 32x32 autotile? I import it, create a tileset, and then try to start autotile but I get the red background as soon as I click on the second tile.
  7. Mythi.T

    GML Using auto-tile editor to make camouflage background

    You read the title, my question is exactly as the title. How do I use the Auto-Tile editor to make a white-grey camouflage background that leaves no big groups of colors. Like how do I use the auto tile to make sure that the tiles I paint on my room is in an pattern so that one colored tile...
  8. T

    Question - IDE Auto Tile Template Export/Import?

    I have spent quite a lot of time creating Auto Tile Templates for a game and wish to reuse them in another project. Is there a way to export and import them? If not this is a big feature that is missing. It would also allow developers to share tile maps,auto tiles etc.
  9. D

     [SOLVED] Auto Tiling tool BUG?

    Hello! I have set up a tileset. This tileset contains 2 sets of 47 tiles for auto tiling, named autotile_1 and autotile_2. In the room editor, the following happens: 1) I click the first tile of the second set of auto-tiles (autotile_2). 2) I click on the auto-tiling tool icon. 3) The tile...