1. C

    GMS 2 Animation playing AFTER the sound file

    This is the most bizarre situation. I have an animation I want to play as long as a certain sound file is playing. Let me see if I can explain my programming in D&D. Create Event: Assign Variable: radio_channel = 0 Set Animation Speed = 0 Set Sprite: anim_radio = 1 Step Event: If audio is...
  2. Goldoche

    GMS 2 Storing audio files into a folder?

    Is there a way to store streamed sound files into a folder? I found a workaround by using "audio_create_stream()" and putting your sound files into "included files". However, this workaround prevents you from using the "audio_sound_gain()" function unless you set the time parameter to 0. This...
  3. Rahiokawines

    GMS 2 Audio Error When Object is Destroyed (earr@pe sound)

    Once all enemies in the room are dead, my gate is destroyed. I set it so when the gate is destroyed, a sound effect plays. It works fine when in sounds menu, but in game, it is super loud and keeps repeating itself untill i exit the room. I have tried using different sounds and it still happens...
  4. SilentxxBunny

    Design Soundtracks which are supurb/subtle/subliminal

    I'm completely and helplessly obsessed with "Red vs. Blue." I listen to it almost every night while I'm falling asleep. If Netflix had a "view count" mine would be in the thousands (for seasons one through thirteen, anyway.) If you have a Netflix subscription: I recommend watching/listening to...
  5. P

    Help playing random atmosphere sounds

    Hi everyone, I've got a basic night/day cycle implemented in my game, now I'm going to try to have a random assortment of sfx such as birds and wind etc. play in the background depending on whether its day or night. What would be the best way to implement such a thing. I think they thing I'll...
  6. jonahrobot

    Legacy GM Audio is swapped... please help

    One audio file is playing instead of another... Backstory: For the last year I have been working on a game using the new Audio Engine and have racked up a lot of sound files. Today I added 3 new sound files and then everything went wrong. I ran the game and some sounds were swapped. The main...
  7. Meowanator

    Legacy GM Make only one sound effect play?

    In my game, I have it so a sound is played when it gets hit which works when only one enemy is hit. But if there are multiple enemies hit at once, it plays the sound effect for each of them, causing a super loud hit sound. Is there a way to make the sound effect play once for all of them? if...
  8. darkmagi250

    Portfolio - Audio Retro, RPG, Side-Scroller, etc. game music composer looking for work

    Hello all! I am a composer looking for anyone in need of a soundtrack for their video game, or project. I am experienced in giving the right song for any game situation! Here is my portfolio: if you are interested, please feel free to email me at...
  9. JeanSwamp

    Music Switching

    Hello, I'm playing around with music switch between rooms, like from Title Screen to starting off the game, switching to rooms, death room, loading room, and so on. How do you guys handle all this switches and decide which music to play at a given time? Do you hard code all of this? Thank you
  10. Roa

    audio_play_sound_at ZERO falloff

    I can't seem to get my audio to respond appropriately anymore. It worked one time and I have no idea what could have changed. I can confirm 1 audio listener, which is set every end_step event to the new position and facing vector. Sound file is registered as 3d sound. No matter what values I...
  11. T

    Sound problems when I try to play footsteps

    I’m having some trouble trying to add some footstep sounds to my game. In the step event for my player, I set the footstep sound to play at image_index 2 or 5. It plays the footstep sound inconsistently about 20 times before stopping altogether. I assume its playing too many footstep noises at...
  12. M

    Portfolio - Audio miniDoom 2 Composer - Music / Audio Implementation / Sound Design

    Hi! I’m a Composer based in Bolivia and also a huge gamer. I have been a musician since I was 3, and by now I have credits in over 60 CDs, DVDs, Films, Videogames and Theater Plays. My latest project was miniDoom 2, made in Game Maker and Wwise. I have a big background in orchestration (played...
  13. F

    Portfolio - General Sound Design | Music Composition | Audio

    Hey guys, looking some projects to build my portfolio, happy to work for potential royalties rather than up front payment. I am able to produce both orchestral and acoustic work as well as sound design, Fx and abstract electronic work. Happy to give anything a go! I'll also do my best to promote...
  14. Edwin

    Legacy GM How to pause all audio sounds if game freezes?

    Hello, GameMakers. If you hold the window of the game, it will freeze, but somewhy the sound won't. There is an extension that creates its own window instead of default but it's not an option. Is there any extension or other way to pause the sounds if the game freeze? That would be very...
  15. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM why audio track is not 'fading in' but starts at full volume

    I have this in the create event: audio_play_sound(snd_xmas_song,10,true); audio_sound_gain(snd_xmas_song,0,0); audio_sound_gain(snd_xmas_song,1,10000); But the song starts instantly at full volume, why and how can I prevent that?
  16. F

    Windows Audio won't play when running game

    When I tried run my game, I noticed that the audio didn't work. It would still play in the gms2 editor, but it would not play when I tried to launch the game. Upon further investigation, I noticed "Could not initialize audio output device. Falling back to use dummy output." in the console...
  17. R

    Windows audio_play_sound playing wrong sound

    Good evening all, I've been working on my first GMS2 project for a few days and decided to get some sounds going. Everything was working well until, randomly, after test playing for a few seconds, audio_play_sound started playing an incorrect sound. I've restarted the IDE, removed and...
  18. A

    Windows Sound emitters stopping

    Hey guys, here's the deal. I am making an open world game with cars. They make sounds via an emitter. The sound loops and changes in pitch based on how fast the car is going. If a player drives the car, then the priority is 100, otherwise, it is 20. The only sounds that are in the game are...
  19. L

    Windows Audio problems in GMS2.

    Hi, everyone! I've been having trouble with the audio preview and also with the audio in game playing correctly. In terms of the audio preview, it used to play, but now, it won't play at all. I've restarted GMS, I've cleaned the cache, deleted the audio file and re-imported it, changed the...
  20. J

    3D Sound Issue?

    So I have a 3D game and I am having an issue with the audio orientation. If I were standing in front of a tv and I look to my right, I should hear the TV from my left ear and vice versa. Also, if I move right, I should hear the TV from my left ear and vice versa. My game only works if i move to...