1. L

    audio_listener_orientation not working as expected

    I'm working in a 3D first person game and so I'm using the camera's position and orientation for the audio listener. I'm just passing the values from the camera lookat matrix to the listener, as in the code below: Create event: function camera_update() { with (obj_player) { var...
  2. Yizzard

    GMS 2.3+ Play Sound At help

    So I'm trying to make buzz saw objects that just play a constant buzz saw sound effect that get louder the closer you are to them and quieter the farther away. Basically like the ones in Hollow Knight. I first tried to do snd = audio_play_sound_at(buzzSound, x, y, depth, 16, 46, 1, true, .1)...
  3. Y

    Is there any way to play external .mp3 audio in android?

    I will try to be the most specific that i can be... Im trying to make a "Piano Tiles" like game, where the players will be able to download songs from Newgrounds, and make they own levels. As rare it can sound, i managed to create a working example on windows, you can actually search for any...
  4. gkri

    GMS 2.3+ Muting sound in premade (in asset browser) sequences?

    I have many sequences with sound (lip synced speech). Is there a way to mute them while the sequences are playing, without muting other audio like the music?
  5. A

    GMS 2.3+ Can I record/store in-game audio for later replays?

    so basically I want to record the audio when a player plays the game, and store the audio to replay later in the game. Like a game replay with ghost players, but audio in this case. Players are able to "create" their own music while playing the game. Can I do this with gamemaker? I searched...
  6. S

    GMS 2.3+ audio_get_recorder_count does not work

    I am trying to make a feature that player can control an object by voice. But when using function:audio_get_recorder_count. it always returns 0. Means no recorder device found. I am sure my mic is working .It can be detected in some other games or softwares. Where is the problem,is there some...
  7. M

    Sound Design for 16:9

    Hi, I have 2 questions. 1. Why use emitters with audio_play_sound_on() when you can use audio_play_sound_at() without having to create emitters and achieve the same result in a 2D game? 2. which ever one above is used , is there a way to create a formula that allows the sound drop off to be...
  8. P

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] Audio not playing in Breakthrough tutorial Game (please help)

    Hello, I'm relatively new to game development and Game maker studio 2. I was recently following the tutorial of FriendlyCosmonaut for the game called "Breakthrough" in GML. I got my sound assets from downloading it from the tutorial. The game should play a sound when a collision is detected or...
  9. E

    Android GM 2.3 converts .mp3 and .ogg audios to .wav with higher weight.

    I realize that Game maker 2.3 converts the audios from .mp3 and .ogg to .wav, I was compressing the audios then changing the format one by one, they are around 190 sounds and music weighs 10 MB at least, and when I search in it destination cache I observe that Game maker uploads the sounds to...
  10. S

    GMS 2.3+ (2.3.1) Previewing a Sequence in the Sequence Editor with more that one audio track causes project to freeze

    Curious if anyone else is running to this problem Sequences run just fine when I compile and run a game, but previewing a sequence with more than one track causes the software to freeze up Example below here is a sequence of audio clips (uncompressed) on a brand new project. The moment the...
  11. Xalezar

    SOLVED [HTML] How do I ensure that music is loaded and ready to play when the game starts?

    Hi everyone, so I've created an HTML5 build of my game. I want to make sure that the background music for my title screen, bgm_title, loads before I enter that room otherwise the player will not hear the music and probably start the game and miss hearing bgm_title. What is the best way to...
  12. RizbIT

    Asset - Extension iOS Audio Record Extension

    This is a cool new extension for iPhones and iPads that allows you to record music or vocals via the devices default microphone. Once recording is complete it then present a nice sharing dialog giving the user options to save to Files or share via whatsApp or other social media networks. It...
  13. T

    Drag And Drop Play sound until done?

    Is there an easy way to make a sound play, and then immediately after that sound is finished, have another sound play? Basically the "Play sound until done" block in Scratch.
  14. V

    Stop sound option after two jumps

    I have a double jump in place and currently, when you press the gamepad button, the jump sound plays along with the action. However, if you're still in the air and continue to press "jump", it keeps triggering the jump sound. I'm still a beginner, and I don't always understand how to write out...
  15. zendraw

    GMS 2 audio gain

    how do you set the gain of a track once? i see no function to check if the gain is depleting or increasing.
  16. G

    GMS 2.3+ Output Window Error when using sound in a sequence

    Hi. I'm building a sequence that includes audio cues. If I run my game without audio in the Sequence, it plays fine. If I add a sound asset to the sequence it will play, but in the output window I get the following message as it compiles: Cannot find metadata for object of type...
  17. S

    Android MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS Android Permissions

    Hi, I've added the permission MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS so I can control the devices global audio settings - it's just for a local game that I don't plan to distribute. Now that's added, how can I code to say that I want to adjust volume to max settings on the device? Thanks!
  18. Vlad_

    SOLVED Is it possible to disable notifications about the sound being played in the browser?

    Hi, everybody. Is it possible to disable this notification on mobile devices using GMS 2 or JavaScript? My game was rejected during moderation on a special resource. There should be no notifications during the game. P. S. I use a translator to communicate, sorry for the mistakes.
  19. Slothagami

    GMS 2 Exporting an Audio file

    I am trying to make a music program based on beepbox. Two Questions: 1. How can I merge all the separate sounds arranged in the editor into a single sound? (Is there a way that I need to handle my audio to allow this?) 2. How do I export that sound into a file? (I don't mind if the file is in...
  20. FB-Productions

    GML [Audio] Live volume of a sound that is playing?

    Hi, I'm curious if it is possible to create a live/dynamic volume meter of sorts in Game Maker Studio 1 and/or 2? As in, is it possible to get some sort of value (adjusts itself each step; would probably be a float, ie a percentage) which represents the current "loudness" of the specified sound...