1. Slothagami

    GMS 2 Exporting an Audio file

    I am trying to make a music program based on beepbox. Two Questions: 1. How can I merge all the separate sounds arranged in the editor into a single sound? (Is there a way that I need to handle my audio to allow this?) 2. How do I export that sound into a file? (I don't mind if the file is in...
  2. FB-Productions

    GML [Audio] Live volume of a sound that is playing?

    Hi, I'm curious if it is possible to create a live/dynamic volume meter of sorts in Game Maker Studio 1 and/or 2? As in, is it possible to get some sort of value (adjusts itself each step; would probably be a float, ie a percentage) which represents the current "loudness" of the specified sound...
  3. Fluury

    Allowing users to load audio files into the game?

    Heya. I'd like the user to be able to load sprites and audio files into the game. The sprite part is easily handled by sprite_add(), however loading audio into the game seems vastly more complex, and from what I have seen, only possible in a very limited fashion. It appears that the only way...
  4. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 Issues with Sound Gain not Displaying in GUI

    I've added a volume adjustment to a game, and all is working. The BGM and SFX gain is lowered. But, with the BGM sounds I have in the default group "audiogroup_default" and I set the gain by choosing a percent using "audio_group_set_gain(audiogroup_default, 0.50, 0);" and so on. and I get the...
  5. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Audio Panning (bug?) Issue?

    So I'm sure this probably isn't a GMS bug or anything, likely something I am doing. My music is starting in the center when I drop my character into the room but then as I progress the music is slowly panning to the left ear only. Now I recently did a proximity sound object that detects where...
  6. RizbIT

    Job Offer - Programmer iOS and UWP audio recorder

    Need an extension that works with iOS and Windows UWP (Desktop apps) that allows to easily record the sound from mic being played in real time to a mp3 file.
  7. F

    GMS 2 is it possible to add Audio effects?

    In Game maker studio 2. I've been thinking of making a level featuring space, and of course I want the classic Fadey audio effect for the background music, footsteps, etc so I tried to add a high pass filter and either I can't seem to find it or i'm just being stupid and there is no way to add...
  8. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Sound playing every step. (need to stop that)

    Okay so simple enough I want a hover sound to play when the characters HSP (horizontal speed) is > 0. So if this is the case and its HSP > 0 then I set the hovering var to be true. Otherwise its false. Once hovering is true I do the following (hovering code included). PLAYER - CREATE hovering...
  9. MCHLV

    GMS 2 audio_group_set_gain VS volume in sound editor[SOLVED]

    Hello, I have a question on how the volume in the sound editor work and how to adjust sounds from one another : Is there a way to combine the audio_group_set_gain function with the volume settings from the audio editor ? So that I can have one audio group with multiple sounds in it. Fine tune...
  10. MaxLos

    Good volume level?

    Hihi, So in the few years I've been using Gamemaker, I've only really made a bunch of prototype games. They all were usually just limited to one playtest room before I moved on to something else, so I never bothered to adding sound effects and music. I've decided to trying adding some sounds...
  11. andev

    Why is the audio functionality so jumbly?

    We have audio_sound_set_track_position. But then half the other set functions don't contain 'set' like audio_sound_gain. Unless it's a getter in which case it's audio_sound_get_gain. audio_sound_play? Nope, it's audio_play_sound. audio_is_playing returns true even if a sound is paused...
  12. M

    3d sound sometimes does not play / stops playing inexplicably

    so I have a snowstorm-object emitting 3d sound of a heavy wind, as follows: Create: emitter_id = audio_emitter_create() audio_falloff_set_model(audio_falloff_linear_distance); audio_emitter_position(emitter_id,x,y,0) audio_emitter_falloff(emitter_id,400,1300,1)...
  13. M

    3D sound randomly just doesn't play

    So in my game (top-down 2D strategy game) I've implemented 3d sounds via emitters. For example, there's snowstorms, that emit a wind sound. When such an object (obj_snowstorm) passes by or onscreen, players hear the sound in 3d. However, sometimes it just doesn't play even if the object passes...
  14. Let's Clone

    Android / Amazon Fire Play audio with screen locked

    Hey, forum. I'm pretty new to mobile development via GML and I was wondering if it's possible to have audio continue to play when the user locks the screen. I know this isn't a typical function for a game, but it's a desired feature for what I'm currently working on. Thanks!
  15. Jihl

    GMS 2 Question about audio_play_sound volume stacking

    Hello! My question is in regard of high volume when you play an audio repeatedly... In my game you can kill lots of monsters, and the cut sound effect, hit sound effect and dying sound effect all get on eachother making a really big mess with the volume... My solution was to make global...
  16. tamation

    audio_play_sound just not working?

    Really strange error here, it's been happening the last few days with this prototype and it's never happened to me before, really confused here. When trying to play a sound with audio_play_sound, sometimes it just...doesn't work? I'll add a sound called snd_door for example, set it up with the...
  17. rogonow

    Monosound method needed [solved]

    I can't find a method with GM Studio 2 to set the volume to 0 at one side and to max at the other side. I hear it always with my 2 ears. I hear it louder at one side and more scilent at other side with the function audio_play_sound_at. Can someone help me please? I need such a horizontal volume...
  18. ac585318

    GMS 2 How to get audio current play position (For rhythm game)

    I'm following this guide for making a rhythm game. At this point I need a song position variable, which is the audio track position, but GMS2 seems to make it difficult getting this in a direct and simple way. Looking at previous threads the audio_sound_get_track_position() function may have...
  19. 2

    GMS 2 Choosing what Audio Group External Audio Is Part Of

    When loading external audio how do you decide what audio group it is part of? Music needs to be in a separate audio group for me to adjust the volume separately.
  20. Qing Donnie Yoshi

    Sound alternation

    Does anyone know how to Alternate sounds/audios, like say for instance footsteps with 2 different audios (left foot audio play and then right foot audio play and etc.) Is there a specific variable I can use for that, just like how choose is a built in variable?