1. P

    Help playing random atmosphere sounds

    Hi everyone, I've got a basic night/day cycle implemented in my game, now I'm going to try to have a random assortment of sfx such as birds and wind etc. play in the background depending on whether its day or night. What would be the best way to implement such a thing. I think they thing I'll...
  2. sv3nxd

    Free Fishbait - Minigame

    Hey there! Weekend started and I wanted to program a game in one day. It took me around 4 or 5 hours to make. It's still way too long for what it is, but practice makes perfect! It's really simple. You are a fish and need to get the bait from the fisherman, without getting catched. In order to...
  3. B

    Portfolio - Audio Bobby Novak - Composer/Producer

    Hello! My name is Bobby Novak, and I am a composer/producer. I have been heavily involved in music production for the past 4 years and I am more than happy to share my potential here with you guys. My work is more affiliated with orchestral and atmospheric music, but I can extend to other...