async events

  1. andev

    SOLVED [GMSTUDIO] http_get not working - No asynchronous HTTP event triggered at all.

    I put show_debug_message("It worked!") in the http async event but it never showed up in console. I saw a post that said you needed to make sure the http_get wasn't in a create event but it wasn't, it was in a step event. I googled forever and couldn't find anything, but then I discovered an old...
  2. S

    Linux Raspberry Gamepad (detecting too many)

    Hi! I'm doing some test-compilation on a Raspberry Pi 4 and Gamemaker. Everything works fine except that when I run my game it detects all devices that are attached through USB on the Pi as gamepads. I am adding a player object for every "gamepad detected" in Async-System as described here...
  3. Ricardo

    Job Offer - Programmer Asynchronous sprite_add with local files

    Hi there, I'm looking for a programmer capable of hacking sprite_add in a way that it can load local images completely asynchronously from the Included Files directory (as it happens when passing an URL to the function instead of a local path). Currently, sprite_add locks the main thread and...
  4. FoufaDjo

    GMS 2 how can i clear async ds maps

    i have a server that use both udp and tcp and i saw that if i close and restart the server the async load socket dose not reset can someone tell me how to clear it thnx uwu
  5. LDinos

    Help with downloading a file using http_get_file

    Greetings! I am trying to make a simple auto update checker, and I thought of doing it like this: Download a text file that I have uploaded, read the string inside it, and compare it to the current version string. However I have a problem using http_get_file. Here's the object Create event...
  6. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 How to Dynamically Detect and Assign Controller to Player? - 4-Player Game

    I have a top down rpg game that has single player controller support for Xbox One controllers that I'd like to add 4 player co-op to and I'm having trouble figuring out how I would detect and assign each contoller to the player and instead of just Xbox One controllers, I would like it to support...
  7. J

    Windows [SOLVED] event_type in asynchronous System Event only returns 7

    I am trying to write a gamepad detection with an asynchronous system event in GMS2 but instead of "gamepad discovered" or "gamepad lost", I only get undefined when reading the variable event_type. Nonetheless the event is triggered when I connect or disconnect a controller. It's only event_type...
  8. G

    Networking problem GMS2 - client Async event doesn't happen

    I'm working on a pvp protoype and is exploring networking for that project, but I've run into problems: Server seems to be sending (I get a bytes sent count), but the client doesn't even throw the Async Networking Event. - Server application *is* up and running. - Client *can* connect with...
  9. Sammi3

    Async_Load Reading HTTP Stream

    I'm trying to connect to a Firebase Realtime database using their RESTApi. To get realtime data from it, I have to send a http_get request with the header Accept being equal to 'text/event-stream' Here's how I did it: var url, header, payload, _session; url = "https://[DATABASE]/servers.json"...
  10. Michael Bateman

    GMS 2 Async Audio Recording -- bug/memory leak?..

    Hi all When debugging recording audio, I have a memory leak and I can't work out why it is occurring. It seems that when I use async audio recording, a buffer is automatically created that I have not requested. It then sits there in memory and thus creates a leak. I am aware a temporary buffer...
  11. U

    GMS 2 Need File Size to Determine Buffer Size?

    The player in my game has to explore a rather large world that can't reasonably fit into memory. Instead, they simply load parts of the world from files as they approach and unload as they walk away. This was working fine at first, but as I added more complexity in how designers can build these...