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    GMS 2 Do you need to make two different sprite arrays if you have an asymmetrical character?

    Hello all, I recently got my state machine working with a sprite array, however, I come to a bit of an obstacle, my character is asymmetrical and that design choice is a large part of the game's story. So conceptually speaking, is there a better way to mirror an asymmetrical sprite ? As far as...
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    GML sprite stuck moving opposite directiong after moving left.

    Hi, beginner coder here. I was following a platformer tutorial and everything was so far so good until it came to changing the sprite facing direction. My character has an asymmetrical design so using the image_xscale isn't really possible for me. The character can move to the right direction...
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    GML Asymmetrical Sprite Facings

    I've got a sprite set up that's asymmetrical; the character is in a space suit that has different badges on their left and right arms, and a name tag that's on the left side of their chest. So far, I've figured out some code that makes the sprite facing change according to the character's...