1. FacesOfMu

    GMS 2 Variable assignment and if statement in one line SOLVED! conditional or ternary operations

    There's a way to do: var foo = (if x then y; else z); But I can't for the life of me find out the name of this kind of statement to look up the syntax. Can anyone help?
  2. Z

    Layer Depth Assignment From An Object To Another [SOLVED]

    Hi everyone ! I have two objects : - The first one is the one the player controls. Named "PLAYER". - The second one is an object (rather a group of objects) distributed on several layers. Each layer has its own depth and each object from that group take the depth of the layer on which it has...
  3. Z

    Assign Several Collision Masks To An Object ? [SOLVED]

    Hi everybody ! A simple question. For an object, when you put : y = y - 3 // Or y -= 3 Y axis increase with a speed of 3 pixels. So, how to make Y axis increase OF 3 pixels ? Exemple : If y = 9 And you put a magic code that add 3 to y Then y = 6 and WON'T increase anymore if you don't tell it...