1. Samuel Venable

    Question - IDE Updating an asset to GMS2?

    The update asset button is greyed out in the desktop edition, does this mean I can't upload the GMS2 versions of my extensions yet? I noticed some users, who aren't YoYoGames, have managed to upload GMS2 versions of their assets, (the icon indicating that in the top left hand corner), so I just...
  2. D

    Question - IDE How can I change properties of many Sounds at the same time?

    Hello again! I have a lot of sound assets already included in the IDE and I would like to apply them the same properties with a single click. For example, I want to change the bitrate of all sounds, or assign them the same audio group. Is this possible? Thanks! Dani
  3. rcoppy

    Question - General What kind of general-purpose/reusable art assets would you be willing to spend money on?

    Hi! It's been a while (years) since I've published any new assets, so I've fallen a little out of touch with what kinds of resources (specifically art) people are looking for on the Marketplace nowadays. Ideally I'd like to publish art assets useful to people in a wide range of contexts and...
  4. RyanC

    Distribution Using Licensed Game Assets From China

    Recently I've been looking into using game art from China and although it seems the assets are available to purchase. I'm concerned about commercial distribution with these assets, as I have noticed that Unity Asset Store does not allow such assets to be used in any commercial projects. I've...
  5. P

    Faster Saving

    Howdy. My game is starting to become quite large and the rooms take the longest time to save out of all of the assets. So I'm wondering if there is a way to only change the assets that have had any changes made to them when saving the game rather than all of them. Other ways to reduce save time...
  6. RizbIT

    Question - General Is the marketplace a good business

    Im just curious as to how effective the GM marketplace is as a business for individuals or companies. We know that people are willing to pay several hundred dollars for Studio and export modules but what about extension or assets. How much are people willing to pay for items in the...
  7. F

    Asset - Graphics New assets submission

    Hi community, I have just added a 2d shooter assets gamepack featuring retrostyle graphics, you can find it on the marketplace, here's the its link in case you are interested, Have an excellent day !
  8. J

    Graphics Should I use 8-bit or 16-bit PNGs?

    In order to conserve space in the .apk file for my game, I'm considering using PNG assets with a bit depth of 8 rather than 16. Does anyone have any advice against this? Thanks, Jacob