1. R

    Big Fat Open Source Music Library

    Hi, Guys. I'm working on developing a Big Fat Open Source Music Library for game developers, youtubers, animators etc. Check out the campaign page and demo music. Show your support at Indiegogo campaign to make this a huge asset to our community if not then at least share this to help me reach...
  2. NimNom1234

    The struggle of solo game design

    I've put my time into the design and technical knowledge of game development, but the main problem for me is lack of assets. People will tell me to "use open game art" or to just "buy assets". It's incredibly hard to find that many assets in the same style for a single game, and many hobby...
  3. J

    adding assets

    Do I have to have the paid license of GMS2 to add assets to my game even if they are already on my account?
  4. NimNom1234

    Point me in direction of free assets

    Hi! Can someone point me in the right direction to find free assets for a top down fantasy game? I need the assets to fit into one style Thanks!
  5. 2

    Free Mono:UI - A GMS2 User Interface Library (v0.1.2)

    (Be aware: This project is still early in development.) (Not many features are currently available.) CURRENT VERSION: 0.1.2 DOWNLOAD LINK: zip - gz - bz2 MORE: Getting Started Wiki Issue Tracker Roadmap Mono:UI Mono:UI is a library for use with GameMaker Studio 2. It is meant to make...
  6. 4

    Team Request Artist for a mini VN demo

    Hi, I will be uploading to the marketplace an easy "write and make" kind of visual novel framework this weekend (it is already complete, I'm working on the documentation), and want to make an html5 demo of it. I'm looking for an artist that wants to do, or already has in his portfolio, 3 upper...
  7. L

    Distribution Question about GM asset licensing

    Hello all, I have a question regarding licenses. I'm working on my own game as a hobby project. I've written my own game engine and I'm no artist by any means. I'm exploring ways to obtain a consistent art style nonetheless. I'm quite intrigued by the GameMaker sprites. I'm making a 2D RPG, so...
  8. Erayd

    Windows Missing Folder

    I always create an 'Assets' folder inside of the game maker project folder for each game I am working on. Then inside that folder I have sub folders for music or specific art pieces. I decided to start working on a new project today, went to an old one to get a jump start on the project and I...
  9. Ruimm

    Android [SOLVED, kinda...]Adding a file to the "assets" folder on Android

    Hi I'm trying to implement a java SDK that reads a configuration (xml) file from the "Assets" folder that usually exists on the Android project. Where can I place this file? I've tried adding it in the "Included Files" but the file is not found.... Is there a place where I can find the default...
  10. RobertRamsay

    Asset - Graphics Black Friday Deal, All assets Free on my store!

    Yes, it is only Thursday, but get a head start by downloading these assets for FREE! This promotion will last for 10days, so get them now! Enjoy!
  11. LestradeTGQ

    Mac OSX Game not rendering in macOS / asset cache issue

    Hey folks! I'm running GMS2 in macOS Sierra (10.12.1) on the following hardware (not my primary machine, obviously): MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2013) 1.7 GHz i7 8GB RAM 512GB SSD At no point have I been able to run my game, which uses objects that utilize blend modes, successfully. A...
  12. YellowAfterlife

    Asset - Extension RerouteAudio - reduce file clutter in compiled games

    Links: marketplace · Price: USD 7 Modules: Windows, Windows (YYC) Versions: GMS1, GMS2 In the light of there being no plans to make audio export behaviour configurable in GameMaker's Windows exports, I have made a piece of software to take care of that - simply drag your game's...
  13. J

    Load assets dynamically for HTML5

    My project is for HTML5 platform, and game loading stage takes long time when the webpage loads. The reason is that the game needs to load (download from web server) all of its resources initially. So I wonder whether there is a way to make the game load only a minimal required assets during...
  14. L

    Distribution Asset licensing outside GameMaker

    I've been using GameMaker for years and have become accustomed to its image creation tools. However I'm making my first proper game in Unreal 4 but still want to make all my sprites, tilesets and textures in GMS. So do I need any special license(s) from YoYo Games to publish this game using...
  15. Samuel Venable

    Discussion [Suggestion] Use "/assets/" working_directory on Windows (like Ubuntu does)

    Ubuntu currently stores all of its external assets, (besides the executable itself), in a subfolder called "/assets/". Here's the basic file structure layout for the Ubuntu module (and the 3 Raspberry Pi game ports @Mike made): "runner" (linux executables don't have a file extension)...
  16. A

    Question - IDE Updating extensions from marketplace used in project

    Not sure if I'm missing something, but I cannot find any way to update marketplace extensions from others that I use in my own project. I can re-import the assets, but for some funny reason this will create duplicates of all those assets suffixed by a 1, instead of overwriting them as I would...
  17. Curial Lloses

    Question - Account Marketplace profile: Can't see all my assets in Analytics page

    First of all, I'm not sure if this post goes here. May the moderators move it where they think it's appropiate. Since I have now more than 3 assets in marketplace I've seen that I can't see the stats of more than 3 assets in my Publisher/Analytics page and in consecuence I don't know which is...
  18. icuurd12b42

    Question - General Guidelines For Asset Developers and Vendors

    I was asked to describe and provide tips based on my experience in making assets for game maker studio by another user today. Since this is like the nth time people have enquired I decided to post my response publicly... Creating an Asset Making an asset for game maker studio can be quite the...
  19. Curial Lloses

    GMC Forums How many GMS user vs GMS2 users?

    Because I started developing assets for marketplace in GMS but I'm starting to feel much more confortable with GMS2 than GMS, I'm working on some of them with GMS2 since the very beginning. But this doesn't seem a good idea to me in commercial terms and I was wondering at which level porting to...
  20. T

    Question - General Game Audio Assets

    Hey Guys, (i hope this is the right place to be posting this) I am a Sound Designer / Producer and thought i would make an Audio Assets Pack for you, i was curious as to what kind of sounds you would want for your games? i.e Music, (Loops and layers or whole tracks). SFX, (folder with things...