1. zendraw

    Discussion Assets amount

    aside from loading time does it matter how meny assets you have in the resourse tree? talking about sprites, sounds, objects.
  2. descrubb

    GMS 2 how to create a .yymp file from within my (compiled) game?

    you may have seen my Other post about a project I'm working on. I am currently working on a "game" (tool more like) where I will export the results of the time spent in this "game" to be imported into game maker studio as an object/sprite/etc for other game projects for the purpose of quicker...
  3. flyinian

    Looking for large cheap/free assets to further knowledge on gml code

    I got an idea where I could get assets and look through the code to see how others code and break it down. If you know any good assets that are cheap or free and that has a lot of code, let me know. I'll probably start in the free section of the assets and work my way out. Oh, if you have a...
  4. Japster

    Latest Humble Assets bundle available - this time it's loops and soundtracks...

    I've just bought it at the £20 tier - it's definitely NOT one of their strongest bundles, and mostly by the same artist, but still seems great value even if you just find a few tracks for your game in there!... Nearly 9GB, and 700+ audio files - loops and tracks (including variations, mind) for...
  5. Paul Kankiewicz

    Open Ocean Assets

    I made a small, 2D game called Open Ocean relatively recently and have released some of the assets that I used under a Creative Commons license. If you're looking for some top-down 2D fish swimming animations or some simple UI buttons, check it out...
  6. Chaser

    Asset - Graphics Master System 8bit Assets

    Assets created using a Master system Colour palette and within the systems limitations. :) Hope you find these useful/helpful. 'Spy Fighter' Asset Pack Check the link for full list of whats included. Feedback and...
  7. G

    Asset - Project Selling Exclusive Rights To My Assets

    If anyone is interested I am selling exclusive rights to my assets I have six GameMaker: Studio assets that I want to permanently sell 1. Texas Hold'em - Poker Game 2. Hearts - Advanced Project 3. Blackjack HD 4. Blackjack Basic 5. HiLo - Card Game 6. Carousel Characters Selection I will...
  8. Massimog

    Question - Downloading Is it possible to remove marketplace assets from your library?

    I have a lot of old assets I don't use anymore that I'd rather not have clogging up my library. I know I can delete the local files and just view what I have downloaded, but I was wondering if there's a way to remove assets entirely. I have old assets I'd like to delete from both GM:S 1.x and...
  9. Z

    Spritesheet coordinates vs single sprite image index

    Hi everyone. So I'm passed the point of initial learning and I decided to start over again, now a bit more professional. I had a project going that worked really well, but the code was extremely sloppy and became too chaotic to handle anyway. Now one of the more important things in my project...
  10. 2

    Question - Uploading Is Company Needed to Sell Assets? -Company Address in Payment Field-

    I've got 2 questions on becoming a marketplace publisher. They have to do with the Company Address Field in the screenshot of the page below. Do you have to own a company to sell assets of the marketplace? What should I put in the Company Address field assuming I don't need a company to sell...
  11. P

    Windows Asset compiler not finishing, can't run game

    I exported my game over to my laptop to work on it on the go, and while it works fine on my desktop, the laptop won't run the game. It starts compiling normally, and then stops after it reaches this message: [Compile] Run asset compiler It freezes after that, and never finishes compiling -...
  12. S

    Windows Assets not visible

    The sprites of the objects are not visible, but the objects themselves exist. I'm sure I made their layers correct, and they are tagged visible. one of the examples-
  13. S

    Windows Assets not visible

    Assets are not visible when the game runs. Link for the sample-
  14. tjheldna

    Humble Bundle Art Assets Available

    Check out the offering at humble bundle. RPG Assets could benefit projects here...
  15. Luotigames

    Marketplace assets for 1.4

    Can I publish a new GMS 1.4 asset to marketplace? I keep on getting rejected while trying to manually publish one of my assets. Also I don't know where I can change my package ID on 1.4? Works like a charm on GMS 2.0.
  16. NimNom1234

    Would I get sued if I used modified assets from zelda 2?

    I would like to modify some assets from zelda 2, as thats about all I can do with pixel art, but I was wondering if I would get into legal trouble. Most people I ask say I shouldn't risk it, but I've seen lots of pixel art based off of nintendo ip's, such as the main character from Axiom Verge...
  17. R

    Big Fat Open Source Music Library

    Hi, Guys. I'm working on developing a Big Fat Open Source Music Library for game developers, youtubers, animators etc. Check out the campaign page and demo music. Show your support at Indiegogo campaign to make this a huge asset to our community if not then at least share this to help me reach...
  18. NimNom1234

    The struggle of solo game design

    I've put my time into the design and technical knowledge of game development, but the main problem for me is lack of assets. People will tell me to "use open game art" or to just "buy assets". It's incredibly hard to find that many assets in the same style for a single game, and many hobby...
  19. J

    adding assets

    Do I have to have the paid license of GMS2 to add assets to my game even if they are already on my account?
  20. NimNom1234

    Point me in direction of free assets

    Hi! Can someone point me in the right direction to find free assets for a top down fantasy game? I need the assets to fit into one style Thanks!