1. MMM

    Asset - Demo Android scrolling page example

    Hi! I recently made android scrolling page example and uploaded it on a marketplace. This GMS1, GMS2 includes horizontal and vertical page scrolling with the mouse. The best uses for this system are interactive books and scrolling menus for Android games. :) Link for the Android scrolling...
  2. U

    GMS 2 Where i can get basic interface elements (simple IDE)?

    I understand that GMS2 is not IDE like Qt or RAD Studio. But in my game i need basic interface elements (Basic GUI). I need label (text label) to write (and change from programm/code) some text. And need input for user login/password etc. I need dropbox. I searched for a long time and...
  3. Morne

    Asset - Demo [FREE] All GL assets until further notice!

    Hi, since about almost 2 years ago my band of merry men disbanded and Gamelancer is no longer active and I myself no longer have time to develop games I've decided to make all my marketplace assets free of charge. However, I'm not planning to support it, if you truly need help and if I have...
  4. K


    Hello Friends,Let's Contextualize... I'm doing a phase selection map where you plot the route to it, it works like this: you're on a planet and now you want to go to another, you plot a route to the other planet, creating points, obeying the amount of fuel that you have. Then you play the...
  5. aamatniekss

    Asset - Graphics Fantasy Forest - High Quality Pixel Art Tileset

    Hey there! Just released my first asset, it's a Fantasy Forest Platformer tileset. 16x16px tiles with every possible tile variation covered, so you can shape your levels however you wish. Also included a parallax background, some sprite decorations like trees and rocks, a player character...
  6. T

    GMS 2 Has anyone used layer_sprite_alpha succesfully? [SOLVED]

    Hey folks, I'm delving into GMS 2 for pretty much the first time and I'm loving the whole new layer approach. Awesome. I've run into snag with using asset layers though. Basically, there are several sprites in an asset layer which I want to manipulate their alpha values. My understanding is...
  7. C

    Art Asset Production Pipeline

    Hey Everyone! I'm working on an RPG with my friend and she has been very helpful in busting out concept art for the characters in the game. I recently got her into anime and she's been awesome at learning how to draw in that style, shade, etc. Soon she's going to work on the concept art for...
  8. Shadowblitz16

    Windows how do I import a yymp file?

    does anybody know how to import a yymp file? I tried doing it though the marketplace browser in the IDE but it doesn't do anything when I download it.
  9. CreativeBand124

    Asset - Demo Array Menu by CreativeBand124

    Hello developers ! I am glad to tell you that is uploaded new Asset which it's called GameMenu > Link to Marketplace > Demo
  10. GmlProgrammer

    Asset - Scripts Realtime Sound Effect Generator [On Sale]

    Are you tired of spending hours just to find your in-game sound effects? Do your in-game sound effects double your game size, making it hard to compile and distribute? Do you think sfx providers are to expensive and do not provide exactly what you need? All this is about to change, with SFX GEN...
  11. Samuel Venable

    Question - IDE Updating an asset to GMS2?

    The update asset button is greyed out in the desktop edition, does this mean I can't upload the GMS2 versions of my extensions yet? I noticed some users, who aren't YoYoGames, have managed to upload GMS2 versions of their assets, (the icon indicating that in the top left hand corner), so I just...
  12. JasonTomLee

    Asset - Demo EZ Networking - Platformer Build

    EZ GMS Networking - (Platformer Build) Hello fellow Gamemaker Devs! This asset is an extension of the Reference Build( Itch, GM:S Marketplace ). Check it out if you already haven't! I made this as simple as possible for others to learn & implement into their projects. And I hope to help&...
  13. JasonTomLee

    Asset - Demo EZ Networking - Reference Build

    Easy GMS Networking - (Reference Build) Hello Gamemaker Community! This asset was created as a learning experience on Gamemaker Networking. I hope to help& teach others just as how the Community has helped me. I made this as simple as possible for others to learn & implement into their...
  14. H

    Shaders depth problem with trueWater2d from xygthop3

    hi! after months without any sign from the publisher of this asset, i ask you guys. yoyogames was also contact this guy. no answer! my problem: i have to change the depth of the water in my game because my player is alway behind the water. i tryed to change the depth but it has absolut no...
  15. Surgeon_

    Question - General Request an Asset

    This is just something that was present on the old forums and that I noticed was absent on the new ones. Same as before, use this thread to request an asset that's you'd like to use but cannot find. Old topic - it would be preferable that you read it because Nocturne's introduction is better...
  16. A

    Legacy GM How to scale spine assets?

    Hi Guys, I wanted to learn working with spine assets and bought one from the marketplace. They are working fine so far but they are to big. So I tried to use image_xscale = .1; and image_yscale = .1; but nothing happened. Can anyone tell me how it works to scale these assets? :( Thank you!
  17. Dark

    Asset - Scripts ds_tree - Tree Data Structures for GM:S This asset provides scripts for tree data structures implemented in native GML. The scripts contain autocomplete and argument information as well as a short description of what each does. Example usage: root = ds_tree_create(10); root_a =...
  18. icuurd12b42

    Asset - Graphics TMC OPTPiX SpriteStudio API

    TMC OPTPiX SpriteStudio API Outputs: All Type: Scripts Included: Scripts. Demo Objects and demo resources Demo: Windows Demo Marketplace: https://marketplace....pritestudio-api Description: This set of APIs will allow you to use your OPTPiX SpriteStudio animations in Game Maker...