1. R

    Legacy GM No Marketplace tab?

    Hello! I'm using the most recent version of Game Maker Studio 1.4, and the "Marketplace" tab seems to be missing. This means I can't get access to a bunch of 1.4 assets that I spent a good amount of money on. Was this intentionally removed from 1.4, or is there something else I need to do to...
  2. RedKnight91

    Asset - Project Smooth Top-Down Movement Engine

    Hi everyone! Shamelessly promoting my first asset here, an engine for top-down movement and collisions. I was having a hard time finding one that worked exactly the way I wanted it to work (which is: simple, efficient, smooth), so I made my own. Get on it for a couple $$ at THIS LINK Also...
  3. foreverisbetter

    Question - Account Delete old asset?

    Is there a way to delete ones own asset from the marketplace? Thanks for the Help!
  4. GoRoy

    Asset - Project textboxy - simple textboxes (GMS2)

    GitHub | Download | Marketplace textboxy is a simple message system for GameMaker Studio 2. Using a queue made up of commands, you construct a message tree and then execute them in order. You can download an example project (the .zip file) or look at the example code. Features A global config...
  5. mikix

    Asset - Extension Platformer Extension

    Want to make your game the next big platformer hit? Platformer Extension has all the core features, including support for all controls, manual camera and much more. Code is readable, you can for example just copy and paste the stat books for the player or the enemies and write new numbers. For a...
  6. Y

    Opinion log in between pages

    hi I was not sure where to post it. when I am in the forums and click on a link to the marketplace ,I am not automatically logged in . sure it is not a big deal but I was just wondering : it can be fixed and make it more accessible for members to buy an asset without making you to rethink it ...
  7. Cloaked Games

    Asset - Scripts 20% OFF [Jen_scripts] Procedural Terrain Generation

    [Jen_scripts v2.0] Asset for Procedural Terrain Generation Purchase from the Marketplace Jen_scripts is currently 20% for the release of v2.0! [Jen_scripts] Asset for Procedural Terrain Generation Created by Cloaked Games Jen_scripts is a function library asset designed for rapid prototyping...
  8. M

    Asset - Audio Dynamic Music System for GMS 1.4 and GMS 2

    Hello, I'm m1s3ry/Floyd from Madwolf Studios I've recently uploaded an asset to the marketplace for Dynamic Music System. This asset allows you to seamlessly reproduce different adaptative tracks for a dynamic effect, much like FTL: Faster Than Light's amazing soundtrack. This video kinda...
  9. matharoo

    Alpha Soft Shadows - Automatic (WIP Marketplace Asset)

    Hey! I'm working on a shadow manager that I will release on the Marketplace. I thought I'd make a thread for updates & stuff, and for suggestions from you guys. >> Documentation << It supports point lights (as many as you want) and directional mode (sun). Let me know what you thought!
  10. TecmagDiams

    Question - IDE Marketplace Assets Don't Replace?

    So I have started back into programming recently after a really long period of inactivity. I had upgraded to GMS2 when it came out because I wanted to make sure I got the discount as I knew I'd come back to it eventually. Long story short I manage a couple projects at a time when I'm...
  11. J

    [Answered] Massive memory usage when using sprite_add

    Hi all, I'm using sprite_add to add some assets into my game. Each of these .jpg assets are only a few KB in size (10-50KB). Yet, when I use the sprite_add function, each adding one of these seems to add 20+MB in ram. What's going on here? edit: I should also mention that I am (I think)...
  12. G

    Asset - Demo Texas Hold'em — Advanced Poker Asset [50% OFF]

    Texas Hold'em — A Poker Asset Primal category: Demo Price: $19.99 Modules: All Demos: See "Demos" bellow Support: Via PM here Marketplace: What is Texas Hold'em Texas hold 'em is a variation of the card game of poker...
  13. matharoo

    Asset - Objects GUI Pack with Theme Support

    Matharoo presents... GUI Pack with Theme Support GUI Pack with Buttons, Text Fields, Sliders, and More! $ 3.99 ♦ Documentation ♦ ♦ This GUI Pack contains the following: Buttons Panels Text Fields (Single-line) Text Areas (Multi-line) Sliders Checkboxes Radio Buttons ♦ They can be...
  14. Simon Gust

    Legacy GM Resource addresses [SOLVED]

    I'm in the making of a custom room editor and I've broken my head over how I want to enlist, place and save/load resources (sprites, objects). I used to save the index of the resource. That plan was bad as if I restructure my resource tree it would swap out sprites. The new plan is to use the...
  15. Chaser

    Question - IDE Make asset layer tillable

    hi everyone, With the disappointment of not being able to change the tilesets during run time, it has been suggested to use asset layers instead. I’m struggling to figure out what I need to do and assign a sprite to an asset layer. When in the room I select “new asset layer”, but then I’m...
  16. Rackover

    Legacy GM Adding assets in-game

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to add sound assets while the game is launched. The goal would be to base_64_decode a OGG file and to add it dynamically as a sound ressource with an ID, that I could use next either for audio_stream or audio_play_sound features. How can I do that ?
  17. Gamerev147

    GMS 2 Fake 3D Asset for GMS2?

    I've been using a fake 3d marketplace asset in Game Maker Studio 1.4. However, it's a pain to add the asset into GMS2 and change a ton of code to make it work. Does anyone know of a (top down) fake 3d marketplace asset for GMS2? I've searched and searched and came up empty. Thanks!
  18. G

    Question - General How do you price your asset?

    Okay, I've been asking myself this question for months, How do you price your asset? are there any factors that determine the price? such as the core system, the appearance or value*? Recently, I thought about Geon FX and how practical it is, and it only costs you $9.99; So it feels like a scam...
  19. matharoo

    Asset - Graphics Depth-Based Grass with Wind

    Matharoo presents... Depth-Based Grass With Wind Drawing grass with depth has never been so easy, and fast! Using this asset, you can add grass to your game that will have depth and also a wind effect. You can fill your room with grass, or set a circular or rectangular area to fill grass...
  20. J

    Help Solve Error

    I uploaded an asset to the marketplace and one person that downloaded it has run into an error. I have not ran into this testing the asset, and cannot recreate it on any of my computers. Purchaser says he did not edit any code and has tried fresh installs, etc. >> Here is his error message...