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  1. zendraw

    GMS 2 String resourse

    Is there a way to store strings as a resourse in game maker so you can just pull them like you do with sprites? so how you have draw_sprite(spr_player); we culd have draw_text(txt_bio); usually how i do this is i have a script with a switch in it where i store the texts.
  2. xDGameStudios

    Asset - Scripts [BUFFERS] xBufferViewer is a GUI for buffers (v1.0.1)

    [LINKS] https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/9617/xbufferviewer https://xdstudios.itch.io/xbufferviewer [SCREENSHOTS] [INFORMATION] This asset is composed by a BufferViewer structure (new in GMS2.3) that allow for visualising/selecting/copying buffer contents. The viewer GUI is fully...
  3. samspade

    Windows Tags Bug or Am I doing it Wrong?

    The manual says: "You can also add a tag to a folder group, which will apply it to all the assets within the folder. Once added, all tags will be visible under the Quick Access menu and also in the Filter options (as explained in the sections above), and so can be used to quickly filter the...
  4. xDGameStudios

    Asset - Scripts [BUFFERS] xBufferFunctions is a collection of advanced buffer functions.

    [LINKS] https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/9587/xbufferfunctions https://xdstudios.itch.io/xbufferfunctions [INFORMATION] This asset is composed by a set of buffer functions that allow for complex buffer parsing. Functions allow to seek and match patterns, copy regions (using read...
  5. Adam Coster

    Development Create GameMaker Pipelines with Stitch

    I'm not sure this is the best subforum for this, but here we go! (Cross-posting from Reddit.) We have a library of GameMaker games that share a lot of code (for Levelhead, Crashlands, and others), and for which we have built asset pipelines for managing art and sound assets. GameMaker's recent...
  6. jobjorgos

    GMS 2.3+ How to clear asset cache in GM2.3?

    How to clear asset cache in GM2.3? I can't find it in Game Preferences. Or can I only do it manually in file explorer?
  7. angelwire

    Asset - Scripts AESnips - A powerful and easy to use sprite animation system [free]

    AESnips is a system that allows objects to effortlessly handle simple or complex sprite animation playback for you. Marketplace Link: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/9275/aesnips-animation-system Summary: Create "Snips" and simply tell an object to play the Snip animation and the...
  8. danielpancake

    Free gmdungeon - a dungeon template creating asset for GM:S

    gmdungeon is a dungeon template creating asset that can be used in any kind of project requiring dungeon generator. It's easy to use 👆 Download and examples: github Price: Free Installation proccess For GameMaker: Studio 1.4 Drag all scripts from src/scripts folder into your open game maker...
  9. jon flournoy

    i need a HUGE amount of assets and resources

    is there any asset generation engines or a pile of high quality assets i can use? id be willing to pay 3 digit usd for premium assets or asset engines, like coin makers, sound makers, music makers, tile makers, sprite makers etcetera. you can private message me if you want to. please make sure...
  10. Ruimm

    Asset - Graphics Easy Cam - Free, simple to use camera

    Hi, I just published a simple Camera asset on the marketplace. It allows you to easily create Cameras and it features: - Camera rotation - Camera Zoom - Camera Position - Screen Shake - Fixed camera size (independent of screen resolution) Here's a video of the example that comes with the...
  11. G

    GMS 2 (Solved+) How can I refer to a variable/array/etc using an asset name?

    I'm creating an array of variables to track progress for each area in my game like so: area_001_state=[0,0,0] area_002_state=[0,1,0] area_003_state=[1,0,1] ... The first array position for each area could indicate whether the lights are on to start with, for example. Then when I want to...
  12. D

    Question - IDE Randomly losing asset files

    I just lost some sprite files after an hour of work, even if I saved every 1-2 minutes or so. The files disappeared from the project folder too. Windows 10, IDE v2.2.2.413, Runtime v2.2.2.326. How it happened: while normally working with sprites and some scripts, I pressed Play to test my last...
  13. GMWolf

    Asset - Scripts Static data - load files right into globals!

    Static Data on the marketplace Static data helps you load your data by completely eliminating the need for calling functions! Just add a file to the included files and have it show up as a global variable! Comes with txt, csv, json and bin file loaders out of the box. Easily add your own...
  14. 2

    Asset - Service What Type of Assets do People Buy?

    A question for those who've sold assets on the Marketplace. What type of asset are people more interested in buying? Things that solve programming problems like scripts and engines for particular parts of games, or: sprites, sounds, and music resources?
  15. 2

    Asset - Project Marketplace Refuses to Upload yyz Project Asset, Gives Error

    I'm trying to upload an asset to the marketplace. It's a yyz file so can import it into Game Maker Studio 2. Whenever I try uploading it under versions it says "You must select the correct GameMaker Studio asset." I haven't been able to upload any versions yet. Why's it saying this. Am I...
  16. BulleTech Studios

    Question - Uploading [SOLVED] GMS 1.4 support for existing Marketplace assets?

    As the thread title suggests, is it at all possible for us developers with GMS 1.4 assets on the Marketplace to support these assets with further updates, or should all GMS 1.4 assets on the Marketplace be considered not-supported anymore? Apologies if this has been asked before, I've been...
  17. TheGameDevGuy

     Voxel Engine

    Hey everyone, i've decided that it was about time to make a little post about this engine that i've been working on for the past couple of days. I plan on releasing the source code on the marketplace, and itch.io but before i do so i would like to show off some of the progression :D LINK...
  18. Tommah

    Asset - Scripts Simple Cutscene Asset

    I released a series of scripts to the Marketplace that allows you to use popular cutscene effects very easily and is very customizable to your game. All you really need is 3 scripts to activate the cutscenes (Create Event, Step Event, Draw GUI Event). Then whatever you want the cutscene to do...
  19. Edwin

    Question - General [Stupidly Solved] Can't download assets from marketplace!

    I added one asset in my account but can't download it. I went in the purchases history to check what I added in my account and there was this asset and download button, when I press it, it just take me in the marketplace. Please, help! What's the problem with it? Edit: I just found that...
  20. Luotigames

    Asset - Project Beat Smasher Mobile game asset

    Hello! I've made this game called Beat Smasher and thought I would sell the project to who ever wants to buy a simple mobile game project. I should make a video about the asset/game :) Description Cool touch screen mobile game. Full simple game with google play login and admob ads. It also...