1. Lord KJWilliams

    GMS 2 My CS professor reversed engineered my game to run faster using assembly

    So I spent some time with one of my computer science professors at my college, to learn more about programming in assembly langauge for the intel chip series that has the preceding i in their model names. Well, I made a simple asteroid shooting program based on Shaun Spaldings youtube short...
  2. Binsk

     [Source] [Multithreaded] Assembly-like Code Compiler / Runner

    Alright, so I'm not really sure where to put this since we don't have an "Open Source" section anymore. If you don't like reading, here is your download. Optionally, the source for the external runner. What Is This: This is my take on having dynamically added code to my projects post-compile...
  3. J

    iOS Error in xcode when running iOS version

    I just bought a Apple Developer account and want to export my game to iOS. I have set the bundle identifier and successfully connected to my mac, running my game "Mac OSX (YYC)" works perfectly. but when I choose iOS it creates a new xcode project and when I'm trying to run that I get this error...